Arcade is to easy

Why go from being almost impossible, to being able to compete it in less than half the time required.

I’m absolutely terrible at drifting, but just completed an event solo, with 6 mins spare.:joy:

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And based on time wasted previously, it’s still far beyond worth. I wanted 100’s in school. Now I want amusement and a cocktail. Who sez ya can’t drink and drive safely in your own game room.


*says :slight_smile:

I am a bit miffed they dumbed Arcade down to the extent it’s all but a participation reward. IMO, it’s way too easy to be considered fun, tedious perhaps, but fun? Nah…

Now I’m having to grind my digital derrière off (again) to complete the Trailblazer accolade due to it only requiring one poxy run to complete.

Also, It’s just taken me four minutes’ to complete one round of Mini-missions solo. Sitting there twiddling my thumbs waiting for the next task to queue - Beep my horn three times - Reach Sixty mph - Remain stationary for five seconds’ - Beep your horn five times :confused:

Cerebral it ain’t.

Although I have just spent six of my eleven-thousand FPs on Super Wheelspins and made an absolute mint :smiley:

Every cloud, eh.

Adding more points to the requirement of each tier isn’t going to make it any more fun. You’ll still be doing the exact same task, just a meaninglessly higher amount of it. That is the definition of tedium.


Thank you.

I’m learning so much today :wink:

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How did you manage that? It’s only allowing me to buy 1 Super Wheelspin per week (same with Wheelspin)…or was it different before one of the Updates/Hotfixes?

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Stealth edit incoming. No one will notice. :shushing_face:

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Well… he didn’t. Maybe he thought nobody else tried to purchase wheelspins from Forzathon shop. Like there are no Nerds in this forum who grinded hundreds of Arcades… :smiley:

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Try it yourself. I’ve just bought another ten on the bounce. :slight_smile:

Yeah…my bad…I am not very good at either noticing emotes or working out what one it is so I missed the one at the end of their post. To be fair, I was suffering from a dsitinct lack of quality sleep when I read it!

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It’s not test of your skill but casual fun. It’s now normal.


Normal? Like everyone gets a medal even if they don’t win? I don’t get why people don’t like a challenge anymore, Society is a strange place now.:joy:

If it is to easy, just take another car. I doubt you would make it in time, if you take a D100 Volkswagen Beetle… :wink:


Attempting to compete in a drift challenge, in a car that is most likely not capable of drifting doesn’t seem like a good solution. But thanks for you’re input.

So first, everyone complained about it being impossible.

Then, they fixed it. Everyone cheered on with joy.

Then, we have people saying it’s too easy.

Now you know why many developers (not excluding PG/Turn 10) do not want to listen to the masses. They will always complain and are never happy.


Since they changed it, I seem to see more people actually participating. I think making it practically guaranteed to not be a waste of time with a smidge of effort incentivizes casual participation in what’s supposed to be a casual activity.


For the day or two after the change, there were more people doing it…however, I have not done one with more than 1 other person (discounting when I did them in a convoy of friends) for a few days now and I usually do 4-5 a day minimum. Seems either people have too many FT points now (I am currently sitting at 7,000 having earned nearly 10k total) or are bored of it as it takes little effort.

It’s a bit of fun, I guess?
I’d have the hope that if there’s a low bar on participation and success, it could become more fun, have people drifting in VW wagons, running speed in the Peels, etc because now there’s no pressure to have a sesto or a well tuned drift car to actually participate.

I’m trying to see positives here though :slight_smile:
(current state still has it taking 4-5 attempts to get into the game, so fun arcade? I’ll take it)

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I still see the same 1~2 players every now and again
98% of the time I am still there solo

i think what we have now is a player or two maybe, three competing to complete their achievements
and then the player(s) who need to make some FP for the weekly shop items
i think this will just be a dead event looking further in the future after most of the players get their achievements and build up points

it is easier but, I use fast travel all the time in these events and see a lot of player not fast traveling
and if someone is not/cant fast travel then the time/score is at a decent setting