Apex/Horizon 3 Multi Controller (Wheel) Input Support?

So I ended up getting a great deal on a Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia wheel and pedals. Ive been playing Apex, PCars, and Asseta Corso and have been having a ton of fun with it. Im wanting to add a clutch and shifter to the rig I built, but have a few questions. (On PC BTW if it isnt obvious at this point) I know H pattern shifter support hasnt been added to Apex yet, but likely will be added soon, and from what I understand should launch with Horizon 3.

Well Im a big dude, and every pedal set (incl the T3PA from TM) has the pedals much to close together to be comfortable for me. Ive been thinking about picking up the CSL Elite pedals from Fanatec (as you can actually take the pedals apart and mount them individually to your rig) and a clubsport shifter. The thing is, I understand these will only work with games that support multiple controller input. Does anyone know if this will work with Apex? And presumably in the future Horizon 3? Obviously it should work with PCars and AC, but honestly, even knowing those 2 are better sims, I still enjoy Forza, esp Horizon, and dont want to loose the ability to use my setup with those games.

I’d be interested in an answer to this as well. With more interesting setups: Wheel, Pedals, Shifter, Fanatec Handbrake, etc. you can really only take advantage of all of the devices in games that support multiple input.

Will Apex/FH3 support multiple inputs?

Why doesn’t anyone answer this? Will they or won’t they support multiple inputs?

Bump, would like to get an answer to this as well. I have 4 controllers all hooked up to a PC
Thrustmaster T300 wheel
Clubsport v3 pedals
TH8 Shifter
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Check any of the threads regarding wheel support and all you get from the Moderators, Turn 10 and Playground Games is profanity edits…

Other than that it’s just silence, maybe some wind and a few tumbleweeds rolling past…

Great way to treat customers isn’t it?