Anyone else not have Xbox Live Gold and at a huge disadvantage

Hi so i am not really writing this out of anger or frustration ( I’m still kind a frustrated treasure chest last play list didn’t work with every pr stunt 3 starred but anyway…, So does anyone else not have Xbox live gold and you cant complete all the actives during a week so we miss out on so much rewards. I didn’t have this problem in FH4 i made it a priority to to do my weekly forzathon stuff for points since no live activities etc and i have 45 000 forzathon points in FH4, With this play list in FH5 I’m missing out on so many clothing items and cars and i don’t think ill be able to get the Lamborghini SVJ either :(, Anyone else having this problem, and i hope they can re adjust the points needed for new items or re work the play list, i dont play multiplayer stuff so i have no need for Xbox live gold and I’m not buying game pass i want to own my games (narrow minded with games just stick to racing games and what i like RPG etc) not rent games and they get removed anyway :S.

I hope play ground games can re adjust the play list or points required etc please.

Also game still frustrating not sure if i want to buy FH6 after this one, the bugs crashing and issues, play list stuff not working, treasure chest last week didn’t work if all PR stunts were 3 starred, i tried different trail blazing events nothing would work :frowning: and then the next season rolls around so bye bye treasure chest.

Thanks for reading forza fans (Hope playground see it)


I don’t see the point without Gold. It’s an online multiplayer game and always will be. Sure, you can do some stuff offline, but it gets old quickly since you’re missing about 50-60% of the game.


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Isn’t just about every other game the same?

I agree with the OP.
I have a PC and I can play multiplayer if I need to, if I play on that. However, I am not a fan of multiplayer to begin with, so I am disappointed that FH5 has placed more emphasis on multiplayer than FH4.

In FH4, they stopped adding new exclusive cars to the 80% prizes each week/month due to negative feedback from the community.
But with FH5, they have retracted that again and they are actively adding new exclusive cars to the 80% prizes.
And the prizes, although achievable in single-player, have deteriorated more than in FH4.
Super Wheel Spin is now normal Wheel Spin. And the Season Championship prizes have changed. Before, we could get a good amount of wheelspin exclusive cars as well as new exclusive cars. But in FH5, that space is more aggressively utilized for useless emotes, horns, and clothing.

Well, perhaps these decisions are the will of MS rather than PG.
I’m sure they wanted to force us to play multiplayer to make this game look more successful and to increase Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold subscribers.
This crappy “live service” may get worse in the future, but it will never improve for the players.
Unfortunately, we have no choice but to give up.


I’m with OP as well. I thought Playground learned their lesson halfway through Horizon 4’s lifecycle, but boy was I wrong. Greed knows no bounds. As for the people who are okay with it, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you already have Gold, so you have no say in this discussion. Others may not even be able to afford Gold as far as you know.


There isn’t really an inherent advantage to completing the seasonal events or getting all the reward cars. Ergo, not being able to do so isn’t really a disadvantage.

That’s why I play the game on pc. No need for Xbox Live Gold. And believe me though I do not know for sure, but the devs themselves won’t make that decision for themselves to force Xbox Live Gold. That`s for sure a specification the Xbox Games Studios has given.

But as the so-called exclusive cars surely will come back later on you will get a second chance to own them at last.


I mean, sure, the exclusives will come back at some point, but when and how? There’s no guarantee that they won’t be locked behind online events again. In fact, at this point, I’m expecting it, because forethought is not something anybody involved in these games seem to have, whenever they’re developers or higher-ups.

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The game screams “Get a PC!”

Series X/S don’t work properly.
PC Internet is more useful than Gold
PC is going to last longer than Series X/S, can be upgraded
PC mouse is handy for Vinyl Editor
Typing Text is easier on PC for saving, and such.
Loading times are faster on PC

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No they aren’t. The PC version is inferior to the Series version, it has built-in delays and loading screens, regardless of PC performance.

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So, I may be wrong on this (I’m a PC player, so dont rely on xbox gold), but with all the 80% prize cars etc, can you just not buy them off the auction house later on? I mean, yes, OK, you cant get them for free, but the OP stated that they were unable to get these cars. Thats not true, you can get them, by buying them. and lets face it, even on average difficulty, credits are not hard to get, and if your good enough to be driving against skilled or unbeatable drivatars, credits roll in faster than you can spend them.

So yes, not having gold is a disadvantage, I agree, but not one that cant be bypassed with a bit of work (and still not having to spend RL cash)

Honestly, that bit about the credits is bull. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, that unless you create liveries, tunes, and blueprints, getting credits is a lot harder in 5 than it was in 4. Perhaps, its just my luck, but most of my wheelspins have been pretty pathetic when it came to what I got, whether it was money or rare cars. Then there’s the fact that the VIP bonus is still broken, meaning those who have played for well-over ten hours, such as myself, have probably been scammed of millions of extra credits we used to really money to earn, and we’ll probably not get compensation if it even gets fixed. Also, the AI is still ridiculously hard at even lower difficulties, meaning we can’t get much money there either.

Once in a while there a special offers for Xbox Live Gold where you can get a month for a buck. I have got them about three times as I own a xbox 360 and xbox one s for the older Forza Horizon and Motorsport titles. Just waited for the special offers to unlock some multiplayer xbox awards and doing some credits grinding through custom mulitplayer races with ki opponents.

Got even the xbox ultimate pass with xbox live gold for november and december this year for 1 euro per month. I wanted to be sure that the loyaltiy bonus cars in FH5 would be unlocked so I played all the games in the week before the release of the new one.

I also play on Xbox and don’t have a gold membership. Honestly, I’ve never liked online multiplayer for any racing game and knowing how buggy FH5’s multiplayer is makes me not want to start. I see it as both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is ignorance being bliss about how bad the multiplayer is. The game runs pretty well for me, since I’m not trying to join online lobbies. The bugs have been pretty minimal in my experience, because I’m not experiencing the myriad of online multiplayer bugs. So I’m not getting as mad about the game as some others are. The disadvantage is of course lost opportunities and having it be harder to complete seasonal or series objectives, if not impossible. Also not making as much money. I really want the SVJ, but I have resigned myself to knowing I’ll never get it by playing the series objectives, because I can’t get enough points. I’m going to have to buy it from the auction house probably for 20 million, unless some saint gifts it to me. But I have 30 million credits in the game now, and I have every player house and every other car I want, so spending the bulk of my money on the last car I really want is fine with me.

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Another week another season and o goodie missing out on more cars yaaaaaaaaaaay

I use gamepass ultimate, I only pay for half the year because I earn enough Microsoft rewards points to get every other month for free. If I was to only use Xbox live gold it would be free all year as it costs 5500 points and Xbox gamepass ultimate is 12000 points. So I guess my point is if you buy the first month you can keep going for a lot less money than you would think, it just takes a little effort.

I have Gold and wouldn’t mind exclusive cars at less points. Exclusives serve it’s purpose anyway. And this Gold thing really affect one group only. They made exclusives non Gold in FH4. Sure that helped more than hurt.