Any way to see all my tune files together?

I’m getting messages that my tune files are being used, which is great! But I have no clue how to see what ones are being used because the tune files only show up if you’re in a certain car and you cannot see all of your files together like you could on previous Forza Motorsports.

so is there any way to see all of the files together or do I painstakingly have to go through every single one of my cars to see what tune it is?

Unfortunately, not that I am aware of. Jumping into the vehicle to see its respective tune is the only way I have seen. I hope this changes with Forza Motorsport 6.

This is going to be a fun day haha, going to go grab myself a drink while I do this.

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Heh. Enjoy!

Exactly the issue I brought up when FM5 was released. I give up now, it’s great that my tunes are being used and I earn money from them, but I have no way of knowing which ones are the most popular.

And I can’t even remember which cars I have shared tunes for, so loading each car in my garage one by one to check if I even shared a tune in the first place is a chore, especially when you have hundreds of cars.

I really REALLY miss the storefront, if we had a combo of FM4 store, with FM5 sharing (to prevent the hate raters) that would be awesome. For now, I’ll just go and shed a tear in the corner. I imagine SCS will be along to join me soon…

My problem is also that I’m not even making any money from my tunes being used. Which I don’t get? If my tunes are being used shouldn’t I get some kind of reward? It’s little things like this that really hurt the game overall.

They have to be used so many times in 24 hour period to pay out. I started redoing a bunch of my tunes and I’ve lost most my payouts lol, mainly my C6R and 458 Italia GT2 tunes. Hard way to figure out which tunes were getting used.

This too, it always says that I’m earning money from tunes/designs but there’s never a number beside them so I have no clue how much.

Anyway it’s pretty stupid that there’s a way to see all of your designs without having to have the car thats in the picture, but there’s no tune list.

I hope T10 sort things like this out in FM6, we know its all tracked for the titles and badges that unlock, but nothing we can see via the menu’s without going in to every tune…

I went through all of mine once, never again, lol

The quickest way to look through all your tunes is to go into free play. You can pick a car and load tunes waaaay quicker than in Career mode.


I don’t understand why they removed the my tune tab but left the my design tab up. I’m glad they did but it doesn’t make sense.