any one else having issue starting a private lobby in fm5?

title states it all ??

Didn’t try private lobby but I was having issues connecting to public lobbies tonight. Kept getting stuck on waiting for match then I’d get unable to join session. Also got dash boarded a couple times tonight. Theses issues happen every now and again ever since the game was released.

i have had my XB1 for almost 3 weeks and i have been able to successfully get online 1 time. unable to join is what it keeps telling me. it sounds like maybe other people are starting to have the same problem as i am. and while i dont enjoy seeing other people having issues, i’m kind of glad the are others. maybe it will get fixed now. because, clearly just me having the problem isnt a sufficient enough reason to actually fix it. or even reply back to my email stating they are looking into it. the least they could do is gift me a couple of cars and some CR’s. i can recieve gifts. moparjay is the GT turn 10. you’ll find him out there somewhere. definitely not online though so don’t bother looking over there