Any League tuners? Try my GT-R for modern GT!

Hello all! Self taught tuner here, played all 6 forza motorsports, but 6 is the first where I’ve been sharing all my tunes. Surprisingly I’ve been doing pretty well! I’m closing in on the platinum for 25 5 star tunes even.

Lately I’ve been in a slump. P and R classes are fairly new to me. I never use braking line or TCS or any of that. So these cars have been testing me hard on courses I don’t know too well, haha. So far I had some hit or miss success with these full on race cars, but I’m just not satisfied.

Anyways, I’ve gone with the Nissan GTR for modern GT. It lacks a little speed, but its glorious in the corners. I have it feeling pretty good, but something small is off. So if anyone wants to drive it and just let me know how it feels that would be great!

Gt is Edward 4o hands

Letter O in 4o

File name: League gojira

Thanks anybody who does is advance!