Any fix for the FPS spikes after 30 min?

So I’m running a pretty powerful system, MSI 2080ti gaming x trio, ryzen 7 2700x, 16gb ram, x470 mobo, windows 10 64bit pro, yet after about 30 minutes of play I get fps drops to down in the 30’s. All of my other titles run buttery smooth yet this one dips really bad after a half an hour. I played with the settings and it even did it on low settings at 1080 exactly the same as 4k ultra… Anyone figure out a workaround? Other than resetting the game that is…

I just came to this Forum with the similar problem/question. Played Horizon 4 for weeks, months now and decided to try Horizon 3. I LOVE THE GAME, but just can’t make it run smooth and stable like 4. My setup is 2080 Super, i7 8700k, 32gb RAM, SSD, etc. Horizon 4 runs perfectly! What can I do to make 3 run as good? When I start the game, It runs fine, but after 15-30 mins something clicks and stuttering begins. Wierd.

I’m having very similar problems and after trying every trick in the book I still can’t fix.

I gave an Intel Core i5 9400f, GTX 1660 and 16 GB of RAM.

Nothing is overheating and I don’t see any changes in MSI Afterburner between when the game was running smoothly and when it’s stuttering.