[ANSWERED] Ultimate edition items missing?

I bought the ultimate edition. I just got my 1st house and I tried to pick a shirt that said it was for VIP only…but I am a VIP.

Also the Bond suit doesn’t work and I have none of the cars even though they are all installed.

Am I missing something here or does this stuff unlock later for some reason? Shouldn’t the VIP only shirt be available at the very least?

VIP Unlock flow

  • You should get the crown flair when you boot the game or after you have bought the VIP entitlement (if this does not happen you will need to reboot your game).
  • The double race credits should kick in on the very first race you ever do properly that has a reward screen at the end.
  • The House, cars, clothes, emotes, car horn unlocks after you qualify for the Autumn season and complete the Tarn Hows event again (after the autoshow unlocks).
  • The VIP cars are added to your garage automatically.

What is a “Crown Flair” exactly?

I’m missing the 3 exclusive Forza Edition cars, not to mention that I have to pay for all the James Bond and Drift cars, no freebies, and the game didn’t allow me to replay any of the demo content, so I’m missing the Welcome to Britain Achievement for arriving at the festival.

If I delete my save, I’ll lose all of the VIP and Forza Rewards that were gifted to me, so that’s not an option.

One day, a Forza game will release that is not a complete and utter buggy mess, as Forza Motorsport 7 released in a sorry state, and still isn’t fixed after over a year.

It released 3 Oct 17… in under a year … and give credit where it is due they (T10) actually have been correcting the situation … The issue is slow response times and the fact that it has become a norm to release an Application that is so broke it takes almost a year or longer to have something that can be called a game. As seen in a multitude of titles like: Division, Ghost Recon, Destiny 2, Forza 7 … well any game dropped in the past two years

anyone find a fix? a friend of mine just qualified to winter and the cars still cost cr… shame

Same issue here. Hopefully we can get a fix soon. Had the same issue with FH3 car packs.

Also happening to me too…no cars no bond pack outfits no VIP anything, a bit frustrated… what’s the point of spending the extra cash if they don’t work I know its early release but I saw this coming also.

Mine was locked too, but when i drove to the free VIP house u get on that big sea, i could see all the free bond cars, bond suits and the drift cars.

When you are in your house, in the car menu on the side you should see “DLC cars”. Go there, the packs should be there or click “All”. Go into each car and if you have the car pass, then you should be able to download each car for free to your garage. After you claim each car, you’ll see “Free” change to the actual amount these cars cost.

There should be a “claim all” button as an option, but it is one by one currently.

I never had the FREE option, the Bond and Drift cars only ever wanted Credits.

Guess I’d better get saving…

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I’m having the same issue, I have all the free stuff except for the cars. It is even charging me for the free weekly cars.

Ok I played today and now all the free stuff was free.

Not the case here, even with the update today. Still saving!

Update has not fixed the VIP and DLC problem :frowning: Still missing the crown behind my nick and all the DLC content only creates marketplace errors…
Thats so bad, I bought the ultimate edition and have no benefits.

All of you having problems with VIP, Car Pass and such. Do you own a physical copy or digital?

Physical owners, make sure you redeemed the codes inside the case and installed the content.

Digital owners, make sure all the content is actually installed.