[ANSWERED] So sick of my game crashing !! Turn 10 plz fix this !!!

The game always crash every time I play. I play at nights and it crahes 4-5 times every nights !! Most of the time its in car upgrade. And its not only pc, I tried on xbox and pc and it crashes pretty often on both !!

PLease fix this , ive been playing forza since the 1st one came out. The 7 is the best one out there but fix all your bugs, because its coming very frustrating !!

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My PC copy crashes almost every race after a few laps, on xbox never had it crashing.

Always crashes in the menu. Every time when I play the game on PC. Tried with AMD RX480 and Nvidia GTX 1080. Both cards the same issue. Annoying annoying :frowning:

Can’t play more than 2 online races in a row because of that Memory Leak bug. Game crash to desktop. One of the most annoying and game breaking bug I’ve ever encountered in a game.

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Hey everyone,

I just made a new sticky post about crashes.

Can you read My game crashed! How to report? - Community Support - Forza Motorsport Forums and follow those instructions?

Thank you!

same problem in online race :frowning:
game is crashing at “waiting drivers” after few race :frowning:

I really hope a fix of memory leak soon

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I’m on Xbox, and emailed specifics several days ago. Thanks for getting this addressed, Nitro

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Now my game wont even launch on Pc

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My game wont launch on Pc !

Im getting so mad right now.
The game crashes all the time, but I’m trying to live with it for now

But I’m trying to play online and it crashed THREE TIMES IS A ROW just waiting for the next race to start
getting kind of sick of this.

btw I would expect the game to have some kind of automated crash reporting built in. It’s 2017 and you still depend on users to send logs manually?

wait what?? the game deletes Crashreport.xml every time? so I have no reports of all those other dozens of crashes? come on…!!

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i wish my game did crash but i cant even get past the starting screen press enter bug. Been looking for a fix fo 2 days now and nothing is working. can anyone please help me???