[ANSWERED] GamerTag Banned without Reason

Hi guys,

I opened a ticket June 09, 2019 00:12 and I have no answer yet.

My Gamertag was banned many many months ago but since I never play online and I only play singleplayer casually I thought it will go on it’s own. I had no messages when I got banned and I have no timeline or reason anywhere regarding this ban which I should according to forums I read. So basically I never play online, I tried a couple of times but I don’t like it, I just buy and set up cars for myself for fun and I don’t recall breaking any rules. So what can I do or steps to take from here?

Thank you

Enforcement action and enforcement related topics are not discussed on the official Forza forums. If you have questions or need to find out why an account or device may have Forza specific enforcement action please submit a ticket at https://support.forzamotorsport.net.

I’ve responded to your ticket.

Thank you