[ANSWERED] Forza 7 Maserati 250f and Bugatti type 35

I love Forza 7 but was disappointed with the version of the 250F as it dosent look like a 250F to me, as the bonnet scoop and the exhaust on both sides of the car! not what I would call a typical 250F. Now the Bugatti type 35 is something I have prayed turn 10 would add to the game I was so excited to see it!! but turned to disappointment when the game wouldn’t allow me to race it in the company of other birth of the GP cars! why?


The Bugatti Type 35 can be driving in the The Birth of Grand Prix car division. If you are getting a homologation error, you will need to downgrade the auto homologation to 625 or lower. We are aware that the car auto homologates to 627 and we are working to get this fixed.


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