[ANSWERED] Every leaderboard says that I'm in the top 100%

Hi, I think it’s a bug. Whenever I’ve done a challenge it says something along the lines of “You are in the top 100% on the leaderboard” and when I go to inspect further then it seems it defaults my rating with my friends list. How do I make it compare it to the world stats?

Oh and this happened with FH3 too.

I think it only starts showing the correct number when there is a minimum amount of people on it. I have had loads that say top 100, but I am starting to see some say top 81 and so. There’s probably a bug where they set 1 % to an exact number (so they can have a correct cutoff for events where they want you to be in the top 25 %) and now until you have 100.000 or so players on the leaderboard it will glitch.

But the same glitch happened in FH3 too and when I check the leaderboards some of those challenges I’m in 10000th+ position


Because it defaults to comparing you to your friends, if none of your friends have done that activity yet, it will say top 100%

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It worked fine initially on FH3, but when I came back to it earlier this year I was top 100% in everything.

FH4 has the same issue and it’s annoying. I thought the feature to immediately tell me where I’d placed was great, but I get nothing but “you’re in the top 100%”.

I have no friends with FH3 or FH4, it’s just me on that list.

No friends who play FH4, same issue.

I’ve just come back to FH4 and still have this issue. I’m in the top 100% of everything and have no friends who play Forza.

Just press X and got to the world leaderboard
It defaults to your friends leaderboard
If you dont have friends that play you will be the only one on the leaderboard

The issue isn’t that we don’t know where it is. The issue is that we get a dumb pop up telling us that we’re in the top 100% every time we pass through any form of zone or stunt. When it defaulted to show the actual position (which it definitely did on 3 initially) it was far better.

It would make it a better game if they altered this or included an option to do so.