Animated Pitstops?

Interesting interview from Xbox Achievements with Dan Greenawalt in where he says there WILL be Endurance Racing which i know has been previously confirmed due to some Career Screenshots posted on the Forum
Hopefully this means mandatory pitstops which HOPEFULLY we see guys actually WORKING on the car instead of thinking its Friday Smoko…

I cant link the interview up as im on my phone but punch in Forza 6 into Google and look for the ‘10 Years In The Making’ video

Not gonna happen

I’ve heard that a four-hour stint is one of the options in the game, so pitstops would play there, but animated?
I wouldn’t hold your breath, although it’d be nice.

I wouldn’t count on a heavily animated pit stop.

While they do look cool they would only serve to detract from resources better spent elsewhere.

Being able to have pit stop strategies saved before a race would be cool. That way when you’re in a race and have decided it’s time to pit next time around - you can call up a pit strategy to use.
Interactive pit stops would also be cool - something similar to above but where you get to pick what gets done while you’re pitting…

In any case, we know there are pit stops. We know that while not required or heavily used, we know what pit stops looked like in past titles. I’d expect something similar to FM5.

If Forza 5 is any example the pit crew would all just be dancing cardboard cutouts anyway :wink:

I’d even be happy with a gif of a pitstop once you enter the pit.

The very first racing game I ever played, Mario Andretti Racing for the Sega Genesis, did exactly that. Lol

Having an animated pit crew, at least for the player car, should be standard in racing games. They’ve been in other games for a long time. I think they were in some of the old TOCA games, certainly the Nascar 2003 game from Papyrus. It really adds to the immersion.

They have real people as opposed to cut outs in Project Cars but they’re always in the way and the car drives right through them. Way to go for immersion and reality, right?

Do these other games have as much going on behind the scenes though, the physics, the weather, the amount of cars?

I’d love to see animated pit stops but only as an addition; I would hate for it to be at the expense of something else.

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Considering how old these games are, the fact that they had them at all invalidates your argument. On today’s hardware, the basic animations for only the players car should be a piece of cake. To save on resources, the player could be forced into the cockpit view during the stop. thereby limiting the number of animations even further.

Better to not even have that honestly. Too many people would complain about the reduced immersion from being forced into cockpit view.

Games like Forza especially are difficult with animations since there are so many cars of different sizes and dimensions.

Dan has already confirmed on a Twitter post there won’t be animated pit stops and for pit stops to be mandatory, the damage would have to be set to simulation so that tires and fuel actually burn.

Check out the end of this video.

Double post.

Not being in cockpit view reduces the immersion all by itself :wink:

They could do the animations by adding tags that identify wheel hubs, jacking points and fueling points so that each team member goes to the right spot on any given car before they do their jobs. It’s a tedious bit of coding, but not actually difficult to do. What would be difficult would be having it do it for every car on pit road. Only one car simplifies it a great deal.

Still, this will have to wait for FM7 at the earliest before they get around to it.

Personally, I don’t really care about animated pits. While it would be neat to have, it does nothing that the non animated ones do already. Besides if they were to add them, there’s so many variables that would have to be considered for them to not look tacky. We’re talking about being tailored for many different car body types, and of course F1s. They would have to animate differently depending on the type and that, like others have said, is wasted time and resources when the pit works fine as it is now. Animated pits to me is a go hard or don’t go at all situation.

If Project Cars can do it, then why can’t Forza?

Because Project CARS is a shambles of a game that doesn’t work properly.

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Because Project CARS was a game launched solely around hype hat can’t even figure out how to make a gamepad controller operate properly, let alone have a player drive the car. Once you do, you notice their pits are not that good. Animated - hardly. There are people who stand there as every car drives through them, then you sit there before driving away through someone else’s pit crew. Only if you go back to your box or retire the race is there any animation an that’s just generic guy walking around in generic pitbox now doing anything to the car.