An option to remove traffic and Drivatars

Unfortunately where I currently live the internet signal is so poor I have no choice but to play offline until I can move. But my point really is that I never had this problem with playing the previous Horizon games offline so why all of a sudden is it a problem in Horizon 5? It just makes no sense.

I was afraid you may have a reason like that to play only Horizon Solo :people_hugging:
I’ve noticed this annoyingly increased activity of drivatars around the player in FH5 too, it actually helped me decide that I don’t want to play offline ever again… :sweat_smile:

Yes, it would be awesome to, just like in the sim game Farming simulator 22, to turn off all traffic, by just a little press of a button in a menu, it would make the game so much more enjoyable, since you no longer have to slam on the brake, because of an offline drivatar in solo mode has stopped in the middle of the road, and is now stationary.


We shouldn’t have to pay for online though for a quality of life improvement.


It’s not just more traffic, we also need patrolling police cars like they had way back in the game Test Drive Unlimited. If you caused to many accidents they gave chase and fined you if they caught you, when i was bored this became a game in itself to pass the time. Cause a few accidents and get into a police chase to see if i could escape, however as your wanted level increased they would even form road blocks, it was great fun.

Yes, and traffic, i really wonder if we will ever get a function to turn off Npc cars and drivatars when in solo mode ?
Farming Simulator has it, so why can`t Horizon ?

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If so, FH5 should be more able to do it, would improve the game by 1000 % if we could turn off traffic.

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