Am I the only one who thinks the rev lights of many cars are too dim?

The rev lights (or how do you call it?) of many cars such as some Ferraris and some race cars are too dim IMO. When races get intense it becomes quite difficult to see the lights with only your peripheral vision during daytime, especially when the cockpit is well lit by the sunlight. This can be troublesome if you want to disable the tachometer on HUD and rely on the dashboard or the steering wheel to shift. These cars in real world have much brighter rev lights.

Are you talking about the lighting of the dashboard instruments panel (specifically the tachometer)? I initially thought you were talking about the reverse/backup lights.

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Yes that’s what I’m talking about. I don’t really know the right word for it.

The real question should be: Why do you need shift lights?

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Because sometimes I like driving in cockpit view and without HUD for a more immersive experience and I drive manual also. So the shift lights are vital for me to get the timing right. Relying on engine sound alone is not enough.

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If he’s like me, he likes to drive without any HUD and shift lights and engine noise are vital when using manual gears. With the engine noise cutting out so often (major bug, still not fixed) i’ve become reliant on my Ferrari shift lights.

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Understood, so now do you only drive cars with shift lights? What do you do for cars that dont have those shift lights?

They have tachometer though. But some cars especially some race cars in the game don’t have tachometer and their shift lights are the only visual indication of when to shift up.

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Absolutely true, tachs can help. Me personally I use the close chase cam and sometimes I’d run into traffic watching the tach for my shift point so I get it. What helps me is watching the MPH, if you use a car enough you’ll know exactly where to shift in each gear depending on how fast you’re going. Just a little thing I picked up over time, instead of watching for the redline

Yeah, but someone like me who constantly changes cars will never be able to learn it by heart. Anyway, here are some examples of the very dim shift lights I’m talking about and you can see in real life they are much brighter thus much eaiser to be seen in pheripheral vision. One thing to be noted is that the camera’s exposure make the real life ones appear a little bit brighter than they actually are, but in reality they are still a lot brighter than those almost invisible ones in the game.

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I see I see, I tried out the E63 Merc the other day and that shift light tach is in the middle of the dashboard. Not even near the speedo. Its over near the radio. How crazy is that?

I don’t think it is the brightness of the lights that is the issue, it’s the way the game deals with “clear” plastic lenses in direct/angled sunlight.

One thing to consider, never actually tested is do shift lights reprogram to match the higher rpms of upgraded cams or would following lights cause short shifting?

Edit: The couple cars that have them that I was using today, I can confirm that the shift lights came on early for new engine redline. Analog gauge cars, not digital though.