Alternative ways to access fh2 - fh4 and fm5 - fm7 photos?

Hello, I still use the old games for screenshots due to the different scenes and lighting. Since Forza Hub is fully discontinued, is there another way to access the screenshots that I took in those games?

(I wish forza hub still worked for photos eeee)

EDIT: or put them below the Community link at the top of the page?

Do you mean Screenshots or Photos from the in game camera? If the latter, read on.

Select the FH5 Gallery in the drop down Community menu above. Then, in the address bar, manually change ‘FH5’ to ‘FH2’, 3 etc or ‘FM5’ , 6 or 7.

I don’t know if X Box 360 game galleries are available this way, but there are posts on this forum complaining that the servers have been down for months, with no response from MS/Turn10/PGG as usual. My view on that: if they don’t want to support the old games, say so and turn the servers fully off, rather than claim to offer limited support. ‘Limited’ seems to be zero right now.

Back to FH2, saving and deleting photos hasn’t been possible for me for a while, as those servers are dead too.


Holy socks that worked! Thank you! I wish the website devs can just add links to it on this website.
(btw, do you know the address bar for the Fast & Furious one? That game has amazing lighting)

It’s a shame the older games get treated badly, they are still really good. I get they have to move on eventually but eh


Sorry for the late reply.

I’ve not found the fast and furious gallery code, unfortunately. I thought it might be ‘f&f’ or ‘fh2f&f’ but neither worked for me. Perhaps someone else knows?

Try ff, I saw it in the URL of the fast & furious game overview.

Never mind, I tried it and it shows the FH5 photos instead.

Anyone else cannot view their fh3 and fm7 photos right now using the web method?