Allow us to bet

Hey turn 10, anyway you could allow us to bet our credits against each other in the prerace lobby? Give everyone the option to anti up and the top three would take the majority share? There’s nothing better than trash talks while taking someone’s money. Just my suggestion, make it happen!!!

they want to keep this game an “E” rating, to add betting they would have to up it to “T” for teen.

I don’t think that really happens in motorsports. Although that is a fun part of GTA5. It seems more of a arcardish feature than a motorsports feature though. But then again, Mod cards and level up spins don’t happen in motorsports either and this IS a video game.

Still I think this might encourage more wrecking and poor driving.

It absolutely would in public lobbies, but that’s pretty much the case anyway. I would really like the option in private lobbies, where you know you have a clean crew of racers who want to put a little more on the line.

Hey kids…gambling is BAD…

Feel fee to add your suggestion to the features wishlist, but it doesnt need another thread.


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