All my cars have this horrible acceleration start thing (help)

So I logged into Forza horizon 3, spawned in, as soon I held the right trigger in my car had a horrible acceleration boost. So I checked it with all my other cars and they all did the same thing. Please can someone help me!

What exactly is happening?

It’s called torque. All cars have it.

You mean torque steer? That’s only really noticeable in powerful Front wheel drive cars.

Well my cars had the normal weel spin but now they start by just simply sliding of the road

Probably just wheel spin from pushing too hard in the accelerator sending too much power to the wheels. If it happens more so on rwd or fwd cars then that’s probably it. You could do awd swaps and it will probably help you out or find the balance on the trigger for how much power you can put down without causing the wheels to spin and lose traction.