All FFB Lost With FM7 After Creator Update!


I have a Fanatec CSW 2.0 and had early access to this game. Until today I had FFB in FM7; in fact, I had to turn down return to center a bit because it was too strong. Well, last night my computer updated to the latest Windows release. Everything seemed to be fine until I fired up FM7 tonight. All FFB is gone, and I mean everything. Not even return to center/damper. I tested the wheel on PCars2, iRacing and AMS. All had FFB just like before. I checked the settings in the game and all looked fine. Tried changing some things on the wheel itself but no luck. The bottom line is that all my racing games are unchanged except for this one! The update is the only change made in the last 24 hours so it is the main suspect at this time. If there is anyone who updated (especially Fanatec users) and have not experienced this problem please let us know because I need to get this fixed in order to continue playing.

Sounds odd mate I’d recommend reinstalling the game if it wasn’t near enough to 70gb, Failing that you might have more luck posting a thread in the link I’ve posted down below it’s the technical support and help section of the forums.
Hope it all works out for you mate.

I couldn’t chat or use multiplayer from my PC and the solution for that was to reinstall windows… Try just reinstalling the game first. If you do a fresh start be sure to back up your personal files.

If your issue only started after installing the latest windows update, then really you need to be informing Microsoft tech support. T10, in regards to operating system based issues such as you describe, wont be able to help. They only make Forza, not the windows operating system.