AI pace varies by class

After an evening of battling Miatas on iRacing, was looking for some casual racing this morning, thought it would be fun to work on the career.

Evolution championship
Early prototype racers
Drivatar new racer

Now I’m no alien and generally hold my own across all the sims but these guys are bloody quick at their lowest level.

So my question is has anyone else noticed the varying degrees of pace across the classes?

Yes I have noticed the varying degrees between classes. Ironically I even noticed the time played also will effect the speed of the game

Interesting and I’ve wondered about the possibilty of self adjusting AI.
I run Forza because it’s a fun break away from the seriousness of leagues. I don’t want to use the word ridiculous but these AI are dive bombing, smashing me around and just generally very aggressive.

You can easily run them down on the straights, it’s their corner entry speed and aggressiveness forcing me off the race line.
It’s causing me to drive aggressive and smash them back out of anger.

Self adjusting? I`ve allways had difficulty on unbeatable and has allways beaten them

Yes, I had a big trouble with Motorsport 5 when I couldn’t win anything on New racer :smiley: But it works fine in Motorsport 7 because I played half a career on New racer. But I understand you because I don’t like AI at all and on New racer I can pass them all in first few seconds and enjoy the track.

And yes, there is probably some self adjusting when you win too easy but didn’t notice it recently in M7.

you can turn drivatar aggression “off” in the settings or difficulty area, don’t remember which area though.

I had always aggression off but they are still brutally aggressive. It’s not racing at all because they very often don’t care about you. Probably endurance races are OK because you can pass everybody separately and with more time.