AI issues with porsche 911 high speed chase

No matter what I do there is little difference between AI driver levels from unbeatable to new driver. I have found this challenge impossible to beat and will not be able to complete the Forza cup elite challenge.

Is there a fix planned, I have found others that have had the same issue and I was wondering if Turn 10 was planning a fix to udjust the driveitar difficultly levels so it can be beaten by less experienced players.

Ah yes the almost impossible challenge it can be beaten if only just and by cheating set drivtars to lowest level you will pass all but one car get behind him and start to push him do not let up till you have to break going in the turn the car will eithe go wide or leave the track giving you the chance you need to pass and win Took me about 6 attempts till I got close enough to start pushing him so he would go off the track and I could get past.

Not very sporting but it works.

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Well at least I know I’m not alone in thinking this is messed up. Boils down to the long straight and there’s no way the car you’re driving should be that slow against the field you’re racing. Thanks for the cheat to win trick, I’ll give it a go later as I’m too frustrated with it right now, lol.

beat it from first try at highly skilled level, this game has it’s retarded moments like 3 hours racing doing who knows how many boring laps over and over or 1 lap to overtake 5 cars
that is why sometimes you have to drive like a rеtаrd to win


I’ll try this because I’ve tried everything else, don’t even get near first car on new racer. I love car racing games just not very good at them.

I didn’t have any problems with this Porsche one but I did with another so I just put it on super easy and just pressed the accelerator, no CR /XP rewards but it worked and I got the prize car!

That video is priceless, lol. Got it first try ramming the lead car, thanks.

I got the achievement for winning a race on Unbeatable by ramming Ken Block on that challenge for the Ford RS, maybe there’s a good reason the Drivatars are so aggressive :slight_smile:

Like most I had difficulty completing this challenge. This is what worked for me. Settings, easy, new driver, manual shift. At the first corner I reversed back to the starting line. When I resumed the race the AI simply drove off the track. Not the prettiest win, but it worked!

It would appear Turn 10 plans to address issues with this event the same way they have addressed most of the other issues with Forza 7. Ignore it and hope we have forgotten by the time Horizon 4 / Forza 8 roll around.

I had no issues with that one and got it second try…
I found the one with wierd nissan racecar undoable enough that i practically made the car drive itself, and still just barelly got it.

This high speed challenge is inconsistent with the rest of the game. It is far too hard than any other race, regardless of the driver settings. Every video I have seen that shows someone beating it required a dirty lap and bumping into one of the other cars. We should be encouraged to drive clean without contact to another vehicle. This challenge needs to be fixed by Turn 10. Thank you.

I dropped difficulty to average and beat it no problem. But it may have been patched since this post.

Wouldn’t have been patched since there wasn’t anything wrong with it
Just some people werent quick enough