After 116 Hours (Small Issues)

Hello everyone,

Huge fan of the Forza Series (both Motorsport & Horizon). While I probably spend more time in Motorsport, there are times when I just want blast through the countryside as if it’s Cannonball Run :slight_smile:
Just a couple things that I noticed during my 100+ hours of gameplay that may need to be investigated…

Brake Pressure & Balance: The balance is working in reverse of what is listed (example: in Forza Motorsport, I set the balance to the front to act as a line lock for drag racing, front balance in FH4 lock the rear like the parking brake)

Livery import sometimes changes the color (I imported Blu Swaters for the Superfast from Forza Motorsport 7; it changed to red)

Not sure if this happened FM6 to FH3, but some tunes are not set to what they were on the imported tune… (import in name only)

Wheel spins sometimes affect the Logitech G90(sp?) force feedback steering wheel… the alignment wanders off center… also the follow camera get fixed of center sometimes

Skill Points screen becomes non-responsive to input device… left, right, up or down on D-pad and left stick does not move the outlined highlight… only fix is to completely quit out the game and restart.

Not trying to be knit picky, just a few things I have observed (not game breaking by any means).

That is all