Hi guys

The Africa Multiplayer Group started with a few of us being unable to connect to leagues or MP lobbies (at the moment) and as you will note from our other thread by Paunchy we started with some social racing. As we expanded, we will now start doing a series running over 4 weeks.

For 4 weeks we will run a specific class/division on Thursdays with league format points being awarded to determine winners at the end of the 4 week period. For that night there will be 2 races, 10 lap each on a pre-determined track. After the 4 weeks a new series in a different class/division will start. The rest of the week will be social racing and some fun with track racing, drifting and drag racing.

The post below will provide details of the current series and be updated with point standings, cars to be used, restrictions etc, so keep an eye out on that for each series.

Everyone is welcome, no matter your skill level or region and as long as you race clean and don’t cut corners. To enter justt put your XBox Gt in this thread or PM me here or on XBone and we’ll send you an invite.

Hope to see you on track.


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Round 1

Date - Thursday, 14 April 2016
Eligible Cars - 2015 = Holden Commodore VF, Mercedes Benz E63 AMG, Ford Falcon FG X, Volvo GRM S60
Track - Road America Full
Laps - 10 laps per race

Round 2

Date - Thursday, 21 April 2016
Eligible Cars - 2015 = Holden Commodore VF, Mercedes Benz E63 AMG, Ford Falcon FG X, Volvo GRM S60
Track - Bathurst
Laps - 15 laps per race

Round 3

Date - Wednesday, 27 April 2016
Eligible Cars - 2015 = Holden Commodore VF, Mercedes Benz E63 AMG, Ford Falcon FG X, Volvo GRM S60
Track - Watkins Glen Full
Laps - 12 laps per race @ 2 races

Round 4

Date - Wednesday, 4 May 2016
Time - Check in @ 18H45, Race 1 @ 19H00, Race 2 @ 20H00
Damage - Simulation
Collisions - Always on
Assist - Allowed
Pit stop - 1 Mandatory pitstop
Pit Window - Lap 2 to 10
Race start - Standing start
Class - V8 Supercars
PI - S800
Tuning - Upgrade & Tuning allowed to max PI S800
Eligible Cars - 2015 = Holden Commodore VF, Mercedes Benz E63 AMG, Ford Falcon FG X, Volvo GRM S60
Track - Sebring
Enviro - Race 1 = day race, Race 2 = night race
Laps - 12 laps per race @ 2 races

Snacks - Bring your own and enjoy the fun.

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Clean racing and good sportmanship is expected of all drivars at all times.

You may defend your position on any straight section of the track by moving sideways only once, provided that your movement does not hit the approaching car. Any further movement to defend your line on that part of the track is deemed as weaving which is not allowed.

Track limits are determined by solid white lines either side of the track and two wheels must remain inside the white line at all times, save for a clear attempt avoiding a collision.

A race will not be restarted for any reason, unless due to a failure to complete at least 50% of the laps, in which event the race will be rescheduled.

Penalties will be awarded for cutting chicanes or unsportmanlike behaviour. Infringements should be reported to Race Control before the end of the race.


From 1st to 10th will score points as follows for each race : 25, 18,15,12,10,8,6,4,2,1

The Series consists of 4 legs, with 2 races per leg.

A race will only be classified as a completed race and points awarded if at least 50% of the laps were completed.

Should connectivity issues prevent 50% or more of the registered racers to start a race, or a race is not classified as a completed race, that race will be postponed to a new agreed time slot.

The driver with the most points after completion of the 4th leg in week 4 will be awarded the championship title.

In the event of ties for a position, superior race results will gain presedence.

Fastest laptime in each race scores one additional championship point


Forza6 Score 4

Can’t find abbreviations for DNF and DNS on the thread - so have to ask what do they stand for?

Hi Guys

Super keen about this fellow racers. Hope to see a lot of new faces.

See all Thursday night.


I will definitely be joining you guys . I will fix all the oil leaks on my ford . and I will get a Mercedes as plan B.

Hi guys

Glad to see some new guys joining us last night and welcome to you all. And some really nice racing last night, thanks.

I updated post 2 above with how the scoring for the series will works, so have a look.

Just a few notes on our first leg of the V8 Supercar mini series tomorrow night.

Remember check in at 18H45 (before that if you can) and first race starts at 19H00. I know this is a bit earlier than normal, but our friend Speedster is at his best before midnight, so we like to accommodate him. LOL

Also remember that Damage will be set on Simulation, so tyre wear, fuel usage and accident damage should be managed, especially on the first few corners. I foresee very close racing in this event.

Can I please ask that we limit extra sound like music etc during racing to the minimum. Chatting while racing are welcomed and for each driver to decide.

AND please keep a regular eye on this and Paunchy’s thread’s for updates, news, announcements and anything related to our racing group.

Happy fun and clean racing. See you guys on track



PS @ REBEL, we don’t mind the oil leaks as that is native to any Ford, it’s just all that smoke that’s killing us. LOL.

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Hi, was great racing with everyone last night. Would like to join in on the fun. Might not be able to make it next week and the next due to working hours but will join for the fun of it. Looking forward to joining you guys and girls if there is any, for some more racing on the track

Sure is good to have you guys onboard BUST3R and the racing is great indeed. Please join in anytime you want when your schedule allows. No girl racers yet, but we should invite them if anyone knows any, some very good girl racers out there and it’s always good to get the smell of roses.

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Hey fellows!

I’d just like to echo off what FA said last night - adjust your braking pressure and test your cars out thoroughly to make sure they are well-tuned for Road America Full.

Most important of all, keep it clean and practice good racecraft. We really don’t want to cause any pile ups, particularly on the first corner, as FA mentioned last night as well.

And FA, I thank you for being considerate towards my timezone. Cheers mate!

See you boys at Road America tonight! :slight_smile:

Some final arrangements and thoughts on tonight’s racing -

I will host the event and be ready in the lobby at 18H30. You can join anytime from then, but please not later than 18H45 as we have little time left before the race starts at 19H00 to get all the connection issues sorted out.

In case of myself having MP connection issues, Speedster or Paunchy, will you guys take over the hosting please.

As previously said, it’s usefull practice to do a few laps on the same track before the time. Note your braking points etc, but remember in racing that will differ because of others breaking earlier than you or taking your preferred racing line, so you need to adapt.

I’ve learned from our evening races that we all race clean and considerate, but remember accidents do happen because of unintentional mistakes, lag etc, so if you should become the prey of such an incident, accept your fate and repair the best you can. If you were the one at fault, good race craft suggests that you let the other guy pass and appologize.

I have tested the Merc C63 AMG with assist both on and off for 12 lap stints and in both the tyres and fuel should not be a problem.

Looking forward to the racing tonight, so see you guys on track.

I’ve got the following guys confirmed to be racing tonight, but have a feeling I’m missing some, so please add your name if it’s missing -








Hell yea i’m on the list. Sorry for just dropping out last night something came up and I had to attend to it . The first race I may not make it but I am going to try my hardest to. I will just race my ford . My Mercedes is far from ready . Having a hard time tuning it . . Let’s see how long it takes for a moderator to approve my post.

All good mate, hope you make it. Just check the Ford’s oil please. LOL

Last nights race was fun. If only it was closer. but I had a blast . I just need to work on tuning cars for p and x class. I’m hoping by tonight I will have a decent p class race car

Yeah, racing was really great and I too expected it to be closer. Will have to resolve my start-stalling issue though as it cost me dearly. I prefer racing manuel with clutch, but will have to change to manuel w/o clutch as I cannot find a workable workaround for the stalling issue in the V8 Supercars. AND a real pitty that so many experienced connection issues too.

PS I will post the race results as soon as it’s been verified. In the mean time you can have a look at the arrangements for round 2 [post 2 above].

Yea the connection issues were just ridiculous last night , Naturally of course since we planned on doing something.

So my question is . What will be doing tonight?

FA, for the clutch bog down issue, try having the clutch compressed when the counter is ticking. Kick your revs up a little and release on green light!

I tried that in both races, but it’s not working for the Mercedes. Works for some of the other non-V8’s though.

Results from Round 1 are up in post 3 above. I will add this in a spreadsheet format soon.