What is up guys. Hope the weekend treated you well. Hope to see tonight or sometime this week

Will be up tonight, might be for limited time though. See yea on track

PS Results and standings in the V8 Supercar series below. In future this will be updated in post 3 above.



Sure. No problem man. Bust3r and I were doing achievements last night and was pretty damn fun. We both struggled a little bit on VIR Full with the Lotus e23 : the f1 car. But we soon got it and got that achievement unlocked.

Hi guys

It’s time for preparing for the second leg of our V8 Supercar series at Bathurst on Thursday night, so just a few notes again.

Same car upgrade, PI and other rules apply as previously, so just have a look at post 2 in this thread again.

Take note that each race will be 15 laps with one compulsory pit stop in each race. Providing for some paint exchanging and the pit stop, each race will last for about 40 minutes, so please provide for that.

Drivers must take the pit stop before or on their lap 12 and must announce it live to the event host.

It’s advisable to have a few practice laps before the time to check some lines, braking points, gear selections and location of pit stop entrance and exit.

Please check in on line in the lobby at 18H45 at the latest so that we can stick to the programme and start the first race at 19H00. It’s just fair to all to be on time.

Have fun and keep it clean. It does not matter if you the fastest or the slowest, just enjoy it and be considerate.

Thanks guys, see you all on track. If you have new guys/ girls that wish to join, please bring them along - anyone is welcome, old or young, fast or slow, rich or poor, pretty or ugly, but all we require is to be clean racers.



Hell yea people better be on time. Last week was just ridiculous waiting on others for ages. We should do a practise run tonight or something a few laps on the track see what’s what. If you cannot make it let us know in advance that would be great. Or if you are running late send us a message from the smartglass app from your phone .

Hi guys, sorry I could not join last night. Had serious net issues which was ISP related [not Forza related]. All seemed good again early this morning after a system hard reset, so I’ll be back tonight for the second leg of our V8 Supercar series. See you in the lobby (and please don’t be late).

Hi Guys

Latest point standings up to last night’s racing (round 2) now updated in post 3.

Thanks everyone for some great racing last night.

Race 1 started with some heavy lag experienced by all. Myself and REBEL got bumped off the track and I ended up in the barriers, luckily with not too serious damage. Unfortunately Speedster got knoced out when the lag became almost impossible to handle and I saw him flying over my roof. Pits was too far off and he withdrew from both races. The lag then dissappeared and from there I could win the race, but only after BUST3R gave me a real run for my money.

Race 2 started with BUST3R taking the lead and he held onto it for a long time. I took over later, but he came back with an inspiring comeback towards the end and I have a strong suspicion myself and Tdawg need to thank a local spectator (his niece) who distracted him and gave me time to take the cheq glag and Tdawg taking second. For the first time Paunchy could join us which is a highlight on it’s own for all of us. Welcome Paunchy LOL.

Thanks guys for some great racing. Unfortunate incidents did happen due to serious lag in the first race, but nothing intentional and we just have to take it.

Next week it’s 12 laps on Watkins Gen Full. More detail will follow.



PS. To our new visitors who joined us afterwards, welcome guys and we hope you can join us more regularly from now on - BEEMERSTEIN, MusicRebel UD and ZAR JerseyRules.

Hi guys

First of all I want to say thank you all for the awesome racing last night, was great fun and very competitive. Nice clean racing as it should be, just a pity for the lag issues that we had in the beginning. That Holden in quite competitive on Bathurst, think I got the tuning right there that gave me the edge in the race. just a pity for my niece there of that distraction and interruption, otherwise it might have been even closer.

Then I also want to thank you guys for vouching for that 3rd place in the 2nd run around Bathurst for allowing me to get the 3rd after getting DC’ed so close to the finish line on the last lap. I was a real bummer that it happened, but thanx as mil for that, would do the same if it where you that happened as well.

Looking forward to some more racing with you, will most possibly not be able to join on Watkins Glen for the 3rd leg due to working at that time of the night, but be assured that I will be there in spirit.

Last but not least, welcome to all the new guys, may you enjoy the racing with us and looking forward seeing you on the track and that you could join in on all the fun and racing in the future

Hi guys.

Almost time for round 3 of our V8 Supercars series.

Please take note that for reasons beyond our control, the event has to be rescheduled to one day earlier and will now take place on Wednesday, 27 April 2016 at same time as usual. Please familiarise yourself with the race restrictions and rules in post 2 and 3 and prepare accordingly. No time will be allowed to do car preparing and the first race will start strictly on time at 19H00 without exception. Should I not be on time due to connection issues, BUST3R or REBEL should please take over as host and start the race at 19H00. I will still join as soon as I can, connection permitting.

Look forward to see you guys on track.


Hi guys

Seems line I will be able to join as the race is taking place on Wednesday. Looking forward to racing with everyone Wednesday. Hope that everyone’s internet connection allows us to race without any issues. Remember to be logged on at 18:45, have cars and tunes ready so that we can start at 19:00 sharp.

Have a good one and see you at Wednesday for the 3rd leg


Hi Speedster

DNS - Did not start
DNF - Did not finish

Hi guys.

New Championship Point Standing updated in post 3 [ upto and including round 3].

Some great racing again last night - thanks to all.

Race 1 started without any major incidents or connection issues. I was lucky to escape some minor fighting on the first corner and managed to hold on to the lead to the chq flag. BUT not before BU5T3R came with another final onslaught which cut my lead to a few metres and delivered another close result.
1st. FA RACING 01, 2nd. BU5T3R, 3rd. Paunchy, 4th. REBELIOSNESS

Race 2 started same as race one, only this time with Paunchy and BU5T3R taking the lead. Some minor “paint exchange” took place early on, but nothing serious or influencing the race. BU5T3R took the lead after a few laps and increased his lead, only to be disconnected from the race a few laps before the end of the race. He did however complete more than 50% of the race (which constitutes a race) and will be awarded points based on distance raced. Bad luck there BU5T3R, you had that one, but also great racing Paunchy to take the honours.
1st. Paunchy, 2nd. FA RACING 01, 3rd. Speedster669, 4th. REBELIOSNESS,

Lastly, an objection was raised after the race by Speedster669 re. myself hitting him from behind on lap 1 of the 2nd race. Although from my own vision I was not within 100 metres from him at that time (when he left the track) and another racer behind us confirmed accordingly, it is still recorded as a formal objection. However, because the objection was raised after we all returned to the lobby (and not before the end of the race as the rules determines), a replay could unfortunately not be saved for assessment, hence the objection became void and the result stands.

A preview of the final round (round 4) of the V8’s and some thoughts on our next series will follow soon, so keep an eye on this space.



Dear FA,

This is not your doing - its the lag in the servers which causes these unusual anomalies. I know you’re a clean, precision driver. I’ve had similar issues while racing others in private lobbies. It gets much worse in public lobbies.

Once you also pointed out that I hit you, whereas I was nowhere within 10 metres of your car. This is unfortunately not avoidable when the servers are lagging badly. You will also notice that when these so-called collisions occur one of the cars is wildly getting displaced around the track as if an invisible hand is moving it around like a chessboard piece.

It is an issue T10 must resolve on their end on a timely basis (I hope).


It was great fun even though I came last. I do however need to find a solution for being so damn slow even though my lap times say otherwise. I may have to use a different vehicle but we will see . Great race nonthe less .

I reckon I have a decent vehicle now well I really hope so. Hooe to race this weekend

Howzit guys

What awesome racing it was on Wednesday night, that was some proper and tight racing as it should be. I enjoyed it a lot and can’t wait for the last leg of the season on Sebring, day and night racing, that will be some great stuff.

On the note of a new season, as I mentioned as a few weeks ago for some endurance racing. I will be compiling a few races for the season on some nice tracks that will go for a few weeks. It will be one race a week of about an hour long. I will be busy looking at tracks etc in this week, so watch this space on the forum for updates on it. Will keep everybody hanging in suspense for the announcement.

On another note, I found another group of guys that is getting their XBones soon, that is looking for some fun, it is guys I used to work with, so about another 3 should be joining hopefully soon. I am putting some pressure on them to get their a…oops… cars in gear and get going soon to join.

Hope to see you on the track ASAP as my controller is longing for some racing

Cheers vir eers

Hi guys

Almost time for the final round (round 4) of our V8 Supercar short series scheduled for tomorrow night ( Wednesday, 4 May 2016). Details and spec’s are up in post 2 above. Hope to see you all there and new racers are all very welcome to join.

PS. I will hold off a bit on the next short series to allow BU5T3R 's Endurance series to get settled in. Keep an eye out for news from him on the Endurance series which will start soon.

See you all on track.



Hi guys.

Results of the final round at Sebring :

Race 1 》1st. BU5T3R, 2nd REBELIOUSNESS, 3rd. FA RACING 01
Race 2. 》1st. BU5T3R, 2nd FA RACING 01, 3rd. REBELIOUSNESS

Well done to BU5T3R for winning both races and getting the fastest laptimes. Well deserved mate.

Racing was really great all round, just have to find a cure for my engine damage which still puzzles me a lot. AND thanks to all who took part in the series, some nice racing and great friendships made.

Here are the final standings for the V8 Supercar series.

Forza6 Score 4

A new series will start soon, but in the meantime keep an eye out for BU5T3R’s endurance series.



Hi guys I’m getting my xbox one and forza 6 on Friday.I’ve been playing forza on 360 for years and recently started playing online. Tying to get proper lobbies in our region is a mission and a half. If you guys don’t mind I’d like to join up with you guys and join in on your races online when my xbox arrives.

You are most welcome to join us mate. We currently doing an endurance series with Modern GT cars every Thursday night starting at 19h00 SA time and the race last for about an hour. You’ll find the AMR Endurance details, rules and complete list of cars in BU5T3R32’s thread here in the Racing section.

I might start another season of AMR V8 Supercar series soon if their’s such a need and will keep posted.

Hope to see you on track as soon as you are up and running.



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