Add Touring/GT/LMP car series in career mode

I’m thoroughly enjoying FM career mode, but it’s lacking the Touring car and GT car series. If the point is to rise through Motorsport why not have a series based around the pinnacle of racing? Might as well attach LMP series to this as well lol.
I love the game and the cars, not so much the progression, but I’d thoroughly (probably along with many other people) love a Touring/GT/LMP car series.

100% agree. I still play Project Cars 2 and the career mode there is awesome, you basically start in low classes like GT5 and work yourself up to gt2 and above. I would love to see a Tour in the FM career mode where you start in GT4 cars and the final series is GT2, that would make a total of 4 Series for 1 Tour, like the other Tours in the game.
A LMP Tour would be awesome too, maybe where the tour starts with the GT1 cars from the 90’s and finishes with LMP1 cars in the final series and the final race is of course Le Mans.


I’m guessing we are just seeing October’s career content so far and about the same amount will be added for November and every month. Not just the Tour events for the 2x free monthly cars.

If not the Career is extremely lacking.

I’m hoping they will add some endurance racing, like the 1 hour missions from GT7.


I would love some endurance races like the GT7 ones and like two we had at spa and Sebring in FM7


1st builders cup tour had LMP1 racing. I wish proto-h (LMDH & LMH cars) could come one day.