Add the ability to trade-in (part-exchange) duplicate cars, against autoshow purchases

We often have lots of duplicate cars, sitting in our garages, because we weren’t given the option of taking the 50% cash alternative. Or won a car on Playlist, which we already owned.
Instead of ‘remove from garage’, it would be good if we could trade in duplicate cars, at the autoshow, as part-exchange against new ones.
If the trade-in allowance on the duplicate, was half of it’s retail value (as per the Spin option), it could help people buy more expensive cars.
I’d rather do that, than just remove the dupes. (I stopped gifting, because too many users were complaining about gifted cars).
FYI, there are only 16 Autoshow cars which I don’t own - and have plenty of credits to buy them all.
Just thought this might add an extra economic aspect, to car ownership.

I agree with you 100 % I have to many duplicates and it would be amazing if this could be incorporated in the game