Add Motorsport disciplines to Forza Motorsport

I would like to see actual motorsport added to Forza motorsport. I dug into the menu system and lists of cars and this should be a pretty simple addition (see mockups). In essence there would be a 3rd bar on top in addition to intro and builders cup that would be called “motorsport”. Inside this tab we would have the motorsport broad categories such as “Open wheels”, or “GT” or whatever and in each categories we would have the race divisions such as “Carrera cup”, “GT4 America”, “GT3 world tour” and so forth.

I would humbly ask that you guys keep an eye on progress and pacing as this was not done well in the builders cup. For example, GT3 should be after GT4 and GT should not precede open wheel.

In addition to this we need to have rules that at least somewhat resemble the real counterparts. Because Forza is not a hardcore sim the rules can be simplified (see images) but pitstops are a must and for that be a reality races would need to be a little longer than they are now. Finally, there needs to be qualifying added and a way to quickly move to easily and the race from practice.

There is definitely no way that TransAM, GT4 and V8Supercars could be in the same category as ForzaGT, along with GT3/GTE, as they are much lower performances. They have made 3 categories of cars useless.

Agreed, I’d also add the small number of Group 5, IMSA GTX and GTO, 80’s Trans Am, M1 Procar, and the lowly '74 911 RSR that are all crammed into “GTX” in game. That RSR should be a Group 4 car with other like cars (which we don’t have, and never had).

The only cars of that group that can cross over would be the 80’s Trans Am and GTO cars as the rulesets for both were pretty close/similar.

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