Achievements not tracking


I have a recent problem in Forza 7 which I think has started since I attempted the first Forzathon. Since then no achievements have tracked for me, and even more bizarrely they are no longer tracking in Forza Horizon 3 ( I was attempting to do this weeks FH3 Forzathon ).

Apart from the Forzathon in both games not working for me, additional achievements have not “popped” either.

In FH3 I have since driven all the roads in Hot Wheels expansion “Orange is the New Track” yet this still shows 88%, but in-game I have driven all 141 roads.
In FH3 I have also started this weeks Forzathon, winning a race in the #17 Xbox Ford Racing Falcon. I have tried this a few times now, no dice.

In FM7 I have tried all 3 Forzathon events, multiple times and not one has tracked. I have also been into the Auction and bought a car, that is also not registering.
I have tried some multiplayer with friends, sharing setups and doing the no assists achievement etc and these haven’t tracked either.

I have rebooted the console many, many times. I have also swapped over from my Xbox One to my new Xbox One X which just arrived. I have signed out, in and also removed my account from the Xbox. I have removed my local FM7 cache and let it download again, as well as deleting the entire game and downloading it from scratch again.

I have rebooted my router, but there is nothing wrong with the Internet anyway.

I have tried some tricks I found online, such as logging onto and viewing all the achievements there. I have installed the App on my phone.

This problem seems to be limited to Forza games. I have been playing Wolfenstein The New Colossus and an achievement tracked just fine last night.

I don’t know what to do anymore, I’ve never had a problem like this and for now I’ve stopped playing Forza games.

Any help appreciated.

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I am also getting this problem but on windows 10.

Although having played Forza 7 and Horizon 3 for many hours my gamer score and achievements are still showing as 0 on both the xbox app and forza hub.

I tried contacting both microsoft and xbox and they both said to go to forums for help.

Anyone have any ideas please?

I have same problem (clean Windows 10 version 1703)

Great, kinda glad it’s not just me but it is very frustrating non the less!

Hopefully we can get some help from Turn10 or Microsoft.

This was happening for me because of Spybot Anti-Beacon, something that was disabled there was used to track achievements/forzathon stuff…
If you are using something to “hide your windows from microsoft” that’s probably it.

Edit: Yeah i’m not sure about xbox, in my case it was on Windows… Try setting your xbox ip as dmz on your modem to see if it changes, if it works like that then its some port that needs to be open.

Thanks for your reply Chrius

I was using spybot and once I uninstalled it, achievements started working again.

I did also reset my xbox services just in case and all is now working.

I have to say that Microsoft and Xbox support were useless on this but to there credit they did suggest the forums so result!!!