Acedes AC Cobra Legacy/378 2017-current

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A Mk1 260 Legacy

Based off the original Cobra compared to the larger engine brethren that are most commonly seen.

It’s a 260 cu-in V8 and has Leaf Springs with a Live Axle rear which means driving is very distinctive.

Only 9 were built and they each cost around $670,000

This is the original 1962 Car the Legacy is based on as none of the owners have come forward to the media with Pictures of their 2017 models. There are no visual differences between the two though so this is basically what the Legacy looks like on the exterior.

This is the 378 Cobra from 2017 and it features something completely different under the hood, instead of a Ford V8 this uses a 6.2L LS-Series V8 sourced from GM which is a big departure for the company.

With 440hp and a weight of just over 1100kg this can hit 60mph in under 4s and go onto 100mph in less than 10.

Improvements have been done to chassis to improve handling but the base design of the Ladder Chassis and Multi-Link Suspension layout remain the same as the Cobras it’s based on.

Only available as a manual as this is built specifically to be a driver’s car meant to be enjoyed similar to the rest of the AC Lineup

If 440hp isn’t enough then AC also offers the 378 Superblower for 2021 onwards which features a Supercharger and an increase in Power up to 580hp (alongside a new radiator for better cooling). With just under 600hp this is the most powerful Cobra ever produced.

Again a 6-Speed Manual is provided and is paired to a Limited-Slip Diff, redone Coilovers and Multi-Link Suspension and a new set of ARB’s.

The engine

AC Cobra Superblower 378-2