Accolades "Tinker Tuner, Road Racer" and "Tuned To Perfection" don't work

have a problem with accolade in Forza Horizon 5. Tinker Tuner Road Racer does not count, no matter what I do. I read the forums, the problem is common. I really want to complete the game 100%, but this doesn’t give me a chance. I created a support ticket, support did not respond normally. They said they would decide someday. But the problem is more than a year old, if you search the forum, I’m not the first to write about it. Why do developers treat the problem so carelessly?

Weird. I’ve done both of these. So long ago that I got them I can’t recall whether I had any problems. Maybe try doing both accolades with a tune that you created rather than using someone elses.

There are already two discussions on the forum with these achievements and the same ones in the dirt racing category. The bug happens to some players, but apparently making new cars is more important than doing something good for a group of players.

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Other gamer wrote:

"I already tried:

  • pin the accolade
  • just change one value in „Tune Car“ menu
  • change one value of each category in the „Tune Car“ menu
  • changed every value in the „Tune Car“ menu
  • used a tunig preset from the „Tune Browser“ from the „Tune Car“ menu
  • bought all upgrades for a new car so that tuned all tuning option in the „Tune Car“ menu are unlocked
  • bougt a already tuned car from the action house
  • used a Forza Edition car"
    And i am too.

Known Issue:

This problem is over a year old. Maybe if we remind the developers more often, they will move faster

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I have the same problem for months. Nothing works. I tune by myself, buy tunes from other, tried on new cars, old ones. I think that devs just don’t care. We have already paid for the game so they don’t bother.

I’m not sure, but I may have found how to fix it. I teleported to the Hot Wheels DLC, and another bugged accolade immediately completed. So I clipped on the Tinker Tuner, Road Racer and teleported back to Mexico. There was no reaction, but as soon as I changed the car (it was a Hoonigan RS 200), a tick appeared. I completed the race and both accolades were completed.

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