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Hi All,

I have played Forza for years now, always been a massive fan of the game. But one thing I have never really done, is take photos in game and really look into all the effects.
These two below just have the Macro setting (on the TT) and I think it was Contrast setting on the Supra.

I’m hoping to … eventually … master the effects of taking photos on Forza. Looking at some of your photos (in general tbh) made me realise just how QUALITY you can make them.

Well done for starting a gallery Abstract! The in game settings, whilst nice to have presets included, really aren’t the best sadly. Half the fun is learning what settings to use in what situation so you’ll probably want to adjust them quite a bit.

I already have one video showing some photo realistic dusk style settings, and I’ll have a new video tomorrow with some tips and explain all the different settings up tomorrow. I’ll be creating new videos each week as well so feel free to check them out if you think it may help: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst22692_Devlin-s-Photobox--Gallery-and-Videos--Episode-One-now-available.aspx

Other than that follow the 3 P’s. Practice. Post your pictures often. Finally Participate in what you can on the forums, you’ll find lot’s of helpful people in the media forums ready to give feedback and some awesome comments when you nail a shot.

Honestly if these are your starting pictures then your off to a great start. You should see my first images! That said my excuse is they were in Forza 2, but even still we’re not very good lol

I don’t know your photography background of course, but I found studying and reading up on real world techniques and how to compose a photo really helped me when starting out, even though I had some real world photography experience at the time.

I look forward to seeing your journey, as you master the photomode. Enjoy it!

Hey man, thanks for commenting. Yeah unfortunately I am completely new to the whole editing process, with regards to what settings look best etc etc.

The 3rd photo (now updated) I messed about with the settings a little bit.

Now just watched your video, really helped me a lot. I think next time I take a photo, I will have a better idea of what settings I need to be using. So thanks for that!

How do you zoom in and out and tilt sideways? I’m probably just being dumb but couldn’t find a way to zoom in … or were you just pushing left stick up and down ?

All a learning curve I guess!

D-pad will do that. Good luck with your photos, I look forward to seeing some!

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Thanks dude !

Just two photos I took tonight of my new Viper GTS. Bit better than my last ones I think … ?