[Abstract][Fantasy] KingDanielB Paints

I apologize if my label or posting is off from the norm or this is the wrong place to share these, but this is my first venture into the forums here. I really enjoy playing Forza and I have recently been painting some cars and decided to share them with others. Now mind you I am rubbish at painting cars, but I only do it for fun anyway! Some of the folks that I work with suggested that I should drop by the forums here though and show you folks what I have been doing. So here they are. Please be gentle with your critique, as I said these were done for fun. If you enjoy them and would like to get one I have shared them all with the community so please feel free to help yourself.

Here are a couple more of my paints hope you enjoy.

It looks like someone threw up on that Evo…

But it looks AWESOME…!!

Is it on the sharefront…??

Yes, all designs are shared aside from the Games Omniverse Alfa Romeo, which can be gotten without the Games Omniverse logos. Glad you like the paint and yes it does look like someone puked on it, but I was going for Jackson Pollock look. Thanks for your interest and comments!