About Ranked Team Adventure.....

Dont get me wrong, i love the idea of ranking rewards in the league seasons… but cmon… loosing the points coz 2 or 3 people on ur group cant drive or maybe are unlucky coz other players ram the heck out of them and then our team loose and we all will get affected by loosing tons of points? wouldnt it better to reward us at least a small amount of points even if we lost instead of loosing it? i can understand the huge amount u gain if u win… but loosing a huge amount and decreasing our ranking league position is just … well frustrating on my opinion despite i like the idea… Any considerations that the FH4 Team could take into this ? adding a small or tiny amount of points for the loosing team and keep the huge amount of points for the winning team?


I just get annoyed when people purposely push you out of checkpoints. Makes it impossible to overtake some people. Plus when people miss checkpoints before they get respawned they just ram the other team off the road. Sure it’s a strategy that could help them win but it’s a bit of a dick move. Fortunately, there are always the clean drivers out the front so it’s always fun to race against them.


ye man i feel ur pain, thats why it would had been awesome if they changed the “loosing” side of it by giving at least some points instead of removing coz the team lost

There should be some kind of variable that takes into account your individual performance as well (the better your finishing position, the more points you gain). So, if you win the race, but your team looses, you still gain something.

This of course wouldn’t help against missing a checkpoint, which usually means it’s game over (just like in FH3).

Honestly, I think more races hinge on the bad drivers than good. Because one thing is always consistent:

[Mod Edit] drivers always finish bottom. A good or decent ddriver can get bumped, misjudge a line or miss a checkpoint, but a really bad driver is never going to accidentally run a course perfectly and better than 11 other racers. Even decent drivers who get slammed into a barn can usually climb back up a few spots just driving smart.

Overall, more important to not finish last than to finish first. A win gets 650, but last place gets Zero AND gives the other team 600. Being a great driver is great for the ego, but being a soso driver who just knows how to finish a course and stay in front of 2 or 3 opppnents is more valuable.