Abnormal pre and post race game behavior

I’m having an issue where on the pre-race screen the mini leaderboard is completely blank and the main leaderboard is void of times. After the race is complete my car takes nearly a full auto-lap before transitioning to the credit rewards screen and then the post race mini leaderboard is again blank.

This wasn’t happening last night.

Same here…server problems I assume.

3 Nights in a row of server issues, each with a unique problem. Maybe it’s time to hire folks that are familiar with MMO operations? By definition FM:5 is a MMO.

umm… 2 words… diablo 3.

umm… that is 1 word and a #

I’m having the same problem… Annoying because I don’t have the option to challenge my Rivals after the race

This was happening to me too. I did a hard boot (with the xbox on, press the x box symbol, on the console, to turn off, hold you finger there for 5 sec. Wait a min. or 2, then turn again, the same way you just turned off). It hasn’t done it since.

Mine is fixed. For now…