A Small Text Pop-Up Explaining the Prestige and Rank/XP System when you reach Prestige Level 1

This is an obscenely minor suggestion that would only be useful once per player but a lot of newcomers to the Series get confused when their Rank gets reset to 1 after playing for a while and they don’t know why.

I browse the Forza Subreddits and a few Public Discord servers and it’s not uncommon to see a new person asking why they got reset and if something is wrong with their game or XP.

Obviously there’s a small Star Icon and a Forza Support Page but I feel the system could use better ingame explanation especially considering the wide reach of the series and how many people are playing that may never have played previous entries or even other games which feature a Prestige Ranking System. The Support Webpage does a good job of explaining the System but that requires an individual to Search directly for the Support Wesbite and then happen upon it at the bottom of the FAQ Section which is unfortunately very unlikely for the majority of players.

It sounds so minor to veterans but when it first happens it’s understandable that a new player may be very confused or alarmed and think that something bad has happened to their Save and Progess.

Just having a Small Pop-Up ingame saying something along the Lines of:

Congrats on Reaching Prestige Level 1! Your Rank has been reset to 1 and you’ve been granted a Star Icon next to your Rank Counter. Continue to earn more XP to reach higher ranks and earn more Wheelspins along the way.
For more info visit https://support.forzamotorsport.net/hc/en-us/articles/4410791468307-Forza-Horizon-5-Prestige-System

Good idea. I had to look it up to find out what it meant.

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