A question of the unmovables...

As we all know, in Horizon, we had several “unmovable” items that broke away or pass-through. Then we has some “breakables” that stopped a 6-tonne truck in its tracks. So the question is, what will and what won’t be broken?

We’ve seen several wooden fences, metal guard rails, and corn fields, and tree’s. Odds are, there will be shrubbery too.

So what can be confirmed as moveable/breakable:
-Wooden Fences
-Corn Fields (Fields in general)
-Bus Shelters
-Potted Plants
-Hay Bales
-Light Poles (Some)
-Benches (all materials)
-Small Trees

-Cement walls
-Light Poles (Others)
-Large Trees
-Metal Fences

Things you can’t drive off of:

Source: Demo

In some of the IGN gameplay videos, we see cars hit a small shrubbery in a corner, causing it to disappear.

I’d guess that the annoying lead foliage is gone for good.


Light poles were unbreakable in Horizon so if there are any in Horizon 2 they’ll probably be unbreakable.



I see what you did there :wink: Hilux forever! Gotta admire Top Gear’s dedication to kill it though =D

No, that truck is very, very broken.

It’s just not DEAD. Important difference :slight_smile:

Hopefully. But I’m sure they’ll “forget” that one shrub that is in the exact spot where you can’t really avoid it that you can’t drive through or break through.

Although some of those lead shrubs along the non-breakable rails would be fun too (in certain cases)

Couple more here:

  • Bus shelters
  • Plantpots

That doesn’t make the list exhaustive btw, will be interesting to see how this list evolves once more footage is released :slight_smile:

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Good to know!

I’m hoping to see some full open-world physics. I remember, in the first Horizon, launching my vehicle skyward only to find an invisible wall there to wreck me. It would be great if those could be further edited for seamless, more realistic experience. Would be MUCH appreciated.

an invisible barrier called the sky has been added to the list.

Also, anyone see beaches/docks we can drive on/off of yet??

I hope there are. I know someone I’d like to push off a dock. LOL

Judging by the opening scenes of the trailer, you could drive on the docks, but most likely not off one. Should lead to some pretty neat photos though.

Unless its one of those piers on a shallow ones. Beaches through, should be fun, if there are any.

As for fire hydrants, I haven’t seen any in any trailer or game-play videos yet.

I am going to guess that those have conveniently placed barriers around them.

I’m going to hope otherwise. Not letting us off-road onto the long beach of Nice would be a drastically missed opportunity.

Heck, if the Horizon festival itself doesn’t involve at least some degree of beach party I’ll be very surprised.

Docks you can drive on yes, drive off no.

Fire hydrants. Not that we have them in Europe like that.

It will probably be a manhole instead of a fire hydrant

I don’t think you can run into manhole… (Technically)

In to one sure (Technically), but into, not so much…