A petition for drag slicks?

Who else wants to see drag slicks come to Horizon? I’m sick of running into all these AWD silly engined cars (Every time I see an AWD supra I wanna die) that just leave everything for dead off the line, I see no fun in gearbanging the start and just taking off.

I just wanna see some real good RWD drag racing in this game. Just go street outlaw style, find a nice little straight and know your car is gonna hook 1st through to 3rd without having to baby the car cause you lose at least 4 lengths with a well built rwd to a well built awd on the launch for sure.

If anyone is with me on this let’s hear your opinion and maybe we can convince Turn 10/PG Games to give us some decent drag racing in this game.

Forza Horizon 3 Features Wish List