A New "Old" Discussion....?

Hi FH2 and FH3 players,

I’m sure this discussion has been had a number of times but being someone new to the series, I just wanted to get some opinions. I’m sure just from an “updated” standpoint, some opinions may be obvious but I wanted to know something a little different.

I’m sure there a ton of ways that FH3 has vastly improved upon FH2’s formula but I was wondering what aspects of FH2 you think are better than FH3.

I just got a copy of FH2 from a friend of mine and since H3 is my first game in the series, is it worth going back to play H2 or no?

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

If you plan on becoming a regular customer of T10/PG then you’ll want to get as many titles as you can to reap the many loyalty benefits such as weekly in game CR payments, loyalty cars which are gifted at the release of each new edition of the series and the prestige you get here on the forums for having high Forza rewards points.

I’ve got all editions in the series going back to FM2 and they’re all a great drive, but the XBO editions (say from FM5 through to FH3) really are worth checking out. The driving has come a long way since the earliest edition I bought.


Theyre very similiar games the major difference being the location. So if you free like driving in Australia play 3, if you feel like driving in europe play 2.

^ no, the games are far from interchangeable

There’s so much more features and community stuff in FH3. There is almost no reason to go back to 2 unless you are vehemently against driving in Australia.

I already tried going back to FH2 and saw the extreme lack of auction house, widebody kits and water and realized how unsupportable that decision actually is (to pick the second over the third).

It’s still worth a good playthrough though (and is possibly the last Horizon game to have VW in it) as the campaign is structured a bit differently so the experience will still be enjoyable.

Forza Horizon 1 is also a thing but it is vastly inferior to most Forza games in a lot of ways, although a few select hipsters will claim to “main” it. Lacks tuning and drivetrain swaps, car variety and the open-world map is locked to mostly road only. It lacks all of the realism features for the road (vehicle damage and telemetry) and is the most casual of the Forza series IMO.

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If I had not played FH2 but tried it I would definitely play it for the more sensible PI and builds making different vehicles the go to cars of choice.

The PI in FH3 does look generally more expensive for upgrading the handling and stuff, but I’d hardly tell the difference if I wasn’t a thorough tuner

I don’t think I’ll ever go back to FH2. Everything in Horizon 3 is miles better.

FH2’s “road trips” are pointless “go to A, do race B” championships with little to no bearing on the game itself. Blueprints make each and every route special and prevent stupid events like Cross Country races in a Lamborghini Diablo.

FH2’s map is very impressive, but, FH3’s map is way more open and has a lot more variation. FH2 has small cites, some mountains and dirt roads and tons of farms. That’s it. FH3 has desert sands, lakeside shores, massive beaches, forests, gorges, rivers, and a huge city.

FH2’s physics didn’t really take off road driving into account (see previous comment about dumb races). In FH3, a low-riding supercar is not going to best a trophy truck off road. Ride height, suspension, and tires have much more influence on handling off road than in FH2.

FH2 has no PR stunts and most of the Bucket List challenges are kind of weak. FH3’s PR stunts are fun, quick little diversions and of course Blueprint Bucket Lists are great but the pre-scripted ones are also better IMO.

There are some things FH2 does better (PI ratings and Showcase events come to mind), but overall FH3 is the superior game is almost every way. Since you already have it, it might be fun to poke around and see the differences for yourself.


I like the setting in 2 better, but that’s about it. 3 is by far the better game, provided it runs stably for you. I’ve had a ridiculous number of crashes in it, though the good news is that I’m in a small minority of users unhappy with technical issues.

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