A legend returns...

After some time out, a legend is returning to Forza 7. That legend, Cpt N Algren.

Forza 1 - yes
Forza 2 - yes
Forza 3 - yes
Forza 4 - yes
Forza 5 - a bit…
Forza 6 - none

Winner of several Forza photo competitions
Winner of many online races
Rust bucket to restored car stories (before forum resets)

Yes - this is tongue in cheek! but have just been enjoying the demo and loving it. See you on there in a couple of weeks. Great to be back in the Forza series.


Welcome back person ive never herd of lol.


Lol me neither.

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legend in his own lunchbox lol

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I am curious as to why you played 5 a bit and not 6 at all. Figured it would be reversed. curiosity kills the cat and all…


His ship is started sinking at 5th game …


Welcome back!

Im new to Forza, so i dont know who you are. You kinda came off as a little arrogant in your post. However, if your that good, i look forward to your work.

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Welcome back, random person. You’ll have a learning curve.

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Welcome back guy from The Last Samurai. Btw, awesome movie.



K, you’re like an animated encyclopaedia - how on earth you remember things like that is beyond me.

Anyway, to the self proclaimed legend that nobody appears to have heard of - glad you’re back. We’ve really missed you :slight_smile:

Yeah we know M Rossi is returning and she will be quick and hard driving as always! :slight_smile:

See you on the track Cpt N Algren - I could be mistaken but your tag rings a bell from FM2 / FM3

And to anyone thinking this guy is arrogant - read the OP again and you will see it clearly says this is tongue and cheek!


Still sounds arrogant " just my opinion though" and still looking forward to their work.

Well I remember ya!
Also i get the forza 5 a bit and 6 not at all. Many of my friends were the same. I’ve not even pre-ordered it yet. The demo did nothing to sell me on it. 5 was a massive disappointment and turned many off. So they didn’t come back for 6. Which was a massive improvement. But this version again isn’t more than a couple of enhancements, because they’ve had to develop for the PC as well. But for someone coming from 5 this is a massive improvement.
Hopefully some more rust to riches stories incoming!

Was just going back through some old files too and found some images of one of my favourite designs i made, my Homer Simpson car, i made several of these and they sold for a million credits each, hoping to do some more if the Auction House is in Forza 7?

https://ibb.co/igpYOk - Simpson
https://ibb.co/gd8Sik - Simpson
https://ibb.co/mp6r9Q - Simpson
https://ibb.co/mivUw5 - Last Samurai
https://ibb.co/mWmr9Q - Last Samurai

I didnt get into F5 that much from memory, it was ok it just didnt keep me in it as much as previous games had… as for F6, i tried the demo and just didnt get on with it at all, plus i still had F5 which i had more to get from, but never went back to in the end.

F7 is where it starts again for me, looking forward to it! And as i said in my OP, it was tongue in cheek :slight_smile:

I too remember the Last Samurai car. Can’t remember which Forza it was though.
Hope you have fun again with the new game!

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Probably 2 or 3.

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Hate to break it to you, but your legend has been re-written by the people who are now famous for painting the cars in these games…

maybe giving up, was your downfall.

Maybe you will rise again… but I don’t remember you… though I do remember those paints spammed all over the auction house.

Well, I remember you - even though we probably never had direct contact.

I suspect we may see a few “old legends” returning :slight_smile:

Welcome back!


See, now I know Don Ente… Never had direct contact, but I remember him.

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