Any of the "good ol' boys" making a comeback for FM6? lol

Hello peeps… hope everyone is well

I’ve noticed this place is kind of a ghost town, but thought i’d throw this up anyways…

Any of you old skoolies from FM2, 3, 4 or 5 planning on coming back for FM6?

I plan on picking up a copy and doing a few paints, I really miss painting… a 3yr old and 10month old have had me on a break for the last 12 months though!

Let me know what you’re up to, or just pop in and say Hi


Sad too say this place as been like a ghost town since forza 5.I can’t see it getting any better I think forza forum and all the vets are gone for good.May be wrong but look how many replies you have that tells it’s own tale…

hey Mario

yeah it was pretty dead around here when I was active about 12months ago… i’m hoping a new game brings back a few oldies.

new blood would be cool too!

guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

thanks for replying :slight_smile:

Don’t think you’ll see it anywhere near back to what it was m8,too many things have changed,Hope all is well for you m8 brings back good memories when I think of old times

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hello friends, all that was doing the soul forza and lost in the 5th episode. I who learned all thanks to you, the community’s sharing for the community, I remain frustrated paint alone on my side without being able to give as we have done for me earlier épisodes.


I’ll be here. Health has taken a turn for the worse. Between my MS and a scare with cancer… I can’t really game like I once did but I’ll still be putting paints out. Doubt I’ll be here very much. No real need to be fair. But there will be paints with that Mimic tag on them for sure

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hey monkey! yeah… I don’t expect it to be like it was, be nice if a few familiar names were still painting though! I agree, good memories when I think of the good ol days. hope lifes treating you well too mate :slight_smile:

hey Pat… I know how you feel, its a shame really.

hey Mimic! sorry to hear you’ve had a rough go lately mate, good to hear you’ll still gonna paint though! :slight_smile:

thanks for replying guys

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Sorry to hear that mimic wish you luck. Im not abig timer here but im not getting fm6 for awhile due to lack money. I dont have much passion for the game anymore as monkey said way to many changes so for everyone you may not have to see my crappy flames anymore LOL hope it gets better.
Bring back the old days.

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See you soon Hotrod, been on Ops in the MEast and got back this morning, since I can drag over decals I might finish my GTA :slight_smile:

Be great to see more of the F2 guys!

Kind regards,


Jaaaandaaaaaaaa. How you been? How’s the little one? how’s the kids lol? I have the game but sadly will not be painting fantasy paints. D, Snake, Three and all the ECT guys also have it also. Look forward to catching up and seeing what you paint. Nice to see some old names still knocking about. Catch you soon.

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hey hotrod… here, here, bring back the old days! I look forward to seeing your paints when you decide to grab a copy dude :slight_smile:

hey pacman… ops in the middle east, that’s pretty full on! you army , navy or marine?
anways… be great to see you painting again mate :slight_smile:

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! been really good my friend, hella busy with the lil ones… but really good!
how are you and the family? I really look forward to catching you bud… been too long. massive man hugs your way :slight_smile:

great to hear a few of the guys I know have got it, we’ll have to get a lobby going on if I can appear in the right time zone! haha

thanks for the replies guys! :slight_smile:

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