911 GT3 RS "Preorder Car" wanted


Could someone sell me the Porsche 911 GT3 RS “Preorder Car” variant? I did preorder the game, but not on Amazon, so I don’t have it.

And it looks like nobody wants to sell it normally in the auction house since it’s really rare.

And I don’t feel like doing The Eliminator over and over again until I’m level 20.

We can negotiate I guess, but please contact me here in DM’s since I don’t look very often in the Xbox app on PC and will probably miss a response. Thanks.

P.S. No, not gonna pay with real-life currency. I’m not that dumb.

I’m afraid that the only way is to do the eliminator. You cannot auction PO cars. Go where the other drivers aren’t and do not go after people so you survive the longest and get the most points.

Looking on the internet, only the McLaren 720S Coupe Preorder Car is not gettable via the Auction House, and the rest, including the 911, are.

Thanks for the strat, but I’d still prefer getting it immediately from someone.

They were all banned from AH

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Oh come on Turn 10! Man that sucks.