911 GT2 RS 2018 setups arent saveable/loadable since yesterday ?


Just met an issue where the builds/tunes that I save (only does it for GT2 RS 2018) arent loadable neither overwriteable.
Only ‘’!‘’ appears along with E100 pi on any of my selfmade setups (I can still access other’s tunes)

Any clue ?

Edit : tried to ‘‘save and share’’ thinking I could kind of share it to myself to access it, and the game crashes back to Xbox Home screen…something’s wrong

Help me plz :slight_smile:

This happens too when you try to search for a tune, after the first 20 or so tunes all others are marked with ! with PI E100.

How much tunes do you have for this car?

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I have (or had?) 5 tunes…still 15-20hrs+ of tuning…pretty annoyed

Here is some history for this problem. I sure hope it is still under investigation, but it’s been around since November 3rd so I am losing hope. For me it was the Indycar and Renault F1 car. I can’t load any tunes saved before the November 3rd patch. I wasn’t able to save any new tunes, either, until I sold the cars and bought new ones. Now at least I can save new tunes, but still can’t load the old tunes although they are still in my list. I get the “E” “!” error like you.


So to fix the problem and at least save my actual tune, should I sell my GT2 RS '18 after writing down actual tune, then buy a new one so I can input tune and save it for real ?

Yes. The first thing to do is write down whatever tune is currently on the car, and hopefully you can remember what track it was for. Then sell the car (if you have more than one you have to sell them both), buy a new one, and you will be able to save new tunes without the “E” “!” problem. But no access to the older ones. Good luck!

This workaround does not work anymore. This issue needs to be acknowledged and addressed by TURN 10. It is becoming a game breaking issue for me. Every single car I buy now cannot have a functioning tune applied to it.