50% completed the autum festival playlist and didnt get my RTR mustang

just like the title says I completed my 50% and didn’t get my #25 RTR Mustang, has this happened to anyone else? what do I do since the playlist is closed now?

Same issue here.

Happened to me too, seems like festival playlist is broken

It appears that in non-showcase seasons (Autumn so far), the percentage values of each event aren’t completely even, causing there to be hidden decimals in each event’s percentage. This means you’ve all likely ended up with between 49.5 and 49.9% completion but the game’s UI rounds it up to 50%, even though you technically haven’t earned the reward yet. I had the same issue with the 80% reward until I completed one more event.

I say non-showcase seasons because in Summer I also had exactly 80% completion but still received the reward without any extra steps.

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It’s probably an error with the percentages. Same thing was with people saying their series percentage was 80%, but they didn’t get their Capri. It was actually 79.5%, but the display showed 80%.

Do the maths, (Summer percentage + Autumn percentage + Winter percentage + Spring percentage) / 4. Does it equal 50%?. Or in your case, add up each event, if you know their individual percentage. 6% for regular activies, 1% for each daily?

For me, on Friday, I had (100 + 100 + 94 + 24) / 4 = 79.5% . It showed as 80% in the UI, so it’s an issue there. But the numbers are correct.

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It’s definitely the same kind of issue. What’s interesting though is that this is for a single season, so there’s no division by four as the series total has. This makes me wonder if, while the percentages are whole numbers in seasons with the Showcase Remix, the seasons without the Showcase are having to adjust themselves into fractions to still add up to 100%, resulting in these incomplete 50% and 80% totals.

Well see that sucks, most of us lost out on a unique car so to a technicality…