3 Achievements not unlocking

Today I finished the three showcase events to unlock the “I Got This”, “Dodging and Weaving”, and “Showdown” achievements and not one of them unlocked. I actually did the event for “Dodging and Weaving” twice, thinking that it might not have unlocked the first time because I had some Mods selected, but it still didn’t unlock with no Mods selected. I don’t know if they’re stuck unlocking, as they don’t show progress in the achievements app.

Any one else had issues with these achievements?



My “showdown” achievement didn’t unlock the first time. For the second try, I made sure that I didn’t touch Stig’s car, and then i was ok.


I think you’re right. Pretty sure on my first attempt I accidentally punted the Stig off the track around the first or second corner. Just tried it again, making sure not to touch his car and got the achievement. Now to figure out the other two. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Edit: I think clean racing is the key to all three. Redid the LaFerrari event making sure not to hit any cars and the achievement popped as well. The Formula Ford one was a little tougher to race completely clean, but in the end that achievement popped as well (there might have been a couple minor bumps, but no major hits).