2F2F Bryan's Skyline - R34

Hey There,

Since I didn’t really like those who were already available, i though on creating my own Livery of 2Fast2Furious Bryan’s R34 Skyline.
It still need a couple of arrangments here and there but, what do you guys think?
It’s available and free for you to use it, as always, if you like it. Just search for Vysion23 in the description field ^^

ps: All the logos on the hood and on the side are handmade by me and are available as vynil group for you to freely use them even if, honestly, they are quite structured and builded to work exactly for this livery, i can’t see how you can use them outside of it for something else.

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The decals are great, however I think the base colour is a bit off perhaps ?

Yea i still have problem to find the exact color both for the car and the vynils.
I’ve looked at tons of images and each one of them showed a different kind of gray and blue (mostly due to the kind of light used for that particular photo) and that makes it pretty difficult to understand the right tone. XD

The color of the actual car is “House of Kolor Silver” so I would either use one of the manufacturer’s silver colors or use the metallic silver option and adjust the color yourself.

Thanks for the info, mate.
Appreciated ^^

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