25 of 25 perks unlocked but progress section still shows 24/25

I got to 25 perks on Sunday night. 24 hours later, on Monday night it was still showing 24 out of 25 perks for the progress. But when I go to the perks section, it correctly shows that I have all 25. And I can’t earn anymore perks. So what do I need to do to have the progress show up correctly?

And another error on my progress is the car meets. My map shows that I have been to five car meets. But the progress section still shows only 3 out of 6 car meets.

So any info on this? When I check my Forza Rewards online this also only shows 240 out of 250 points because it thinks I only have 24 out of 25 perks. WHen I actually have all 25 perks. How do I get this fixed?

My stats were slower to update than usual, so give it a little more time and they should eventually update. Probably has to do with all the server issues lately.

That happened to me when I got all 25 perks. Give it a few days and it’ll catch up in the Rewards section.

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I had unlocked all perks, but in a window of ‘stats’, it is displayed ‘Perks unlocked: 24/25’.
A strange thing is that, in a window of ‘perks’, all perks are unlocked.

This problem cames to me about 4 months ago.
I’m very disappointed that the bug does not disappear yet.

Is there anyone who is concerning about this bug?

Yes I have the same thing 24/25 perks and don’t know how to fix it.
People keep saying give it time but it hasn’t fixed itself in 4 months so doubt it will.

I’ve got 25-25 both locations. Perhaps the only thing kicking into action has been a few complete console shutdowns?

  • From the Dashboard, out of all games or activities, hold the power button on the front of the console down until the Xbox One shuts itself down.
  • Remove the external power pack plug from the wall, or at last the wall-side connector from the power pack itself.
  • Let the power pack drain completely - just walk away for three-five minutes, so there is no dim orange light showing on the power pack itself.
  • Reconnect the power supply to the wall or the wall-side electrical connector.
  • Start up the console per normal procedures, but DO NOT force the boot into anything immediately. Let it idle while things load.

Now check the game again.

yep same thing happened to me, and it still not fixed, and have all the forza score for the game except that 10 points

Yes mine is still not fixed.

I have this problem on one of my accounts too.
Tried all said fixes but have now resigned myself to not worrying about it as I can’t see it being fixed now.
It’s only 1 out of 4 accounts on same Xbox.

Same here, I have all rewards for FH2 except these last 10 points.
I have lost all expectations of this getting fixed as its been almost a year now.