24 Hours of daytona

Anyone else excited about the 24 hours starting
Saturday . Should be some awesome racing
Go team corvette!!!

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Who is broadcasting it? Anyone know? Can you watch online?

I’m looking forward to it, still wish it was more ALMS than Grand AM, simply hate the DP class, but GT should be plenty exciting. Here is the broadcast schedule, missing the days of Speed, where the race could be broadcasted almost complete.
Saturday, Jan. 25

2-4 p.m. ET on Fox

4-9 p.m. ET on Fox Sports 2

Overnight (Jan. 25-26)

9 p.m.-7 a.m. ET on IMSA.com (includes live images, in-car cameras and announcers)

Sunday, Jan. 26

7 a.m.-3 p.m. on Fox Sports 1

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Its on fox than switches to fox sports 2 than fox sports 1 not sure if it can be seen online

I agree really miss the speed channel it was motorsport 24/7

I went last year and was planning on going this year. Monster Jam is tomorrow as well and my 5 year old said he’d rather do that this year since he’s already been to a race :(. I was kind of bummed but how can I say no to him. Going again next year for sure.

Can’t wait! Just reading this post, I’m getting all jittery. The race season is upon us! But like all of you, I’m definitely missing Speed so much! Fox needs to realize not everyone has access to FS2. It’s really too bad they put a lot of content on FS2 and not very many can enjoy it.

I feel really left out on this race because when the country switched form analog to digital TV we lost FOX… so we lost the nascar races, cardinal baseball games, the cool shows on fox and now the ALMS-- I mean Tudor racing league.
the only time I can watch it was when it was on ABC for like road america and legana seca, but now it looks like I cant watch it because it’s only going to be on FOX so…
and the goverment keeps having loop holes were they cant move the tower closer to us so we can get FOX…

so I guess today I’m am only going to have an FIFA day only :frowning:

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they are doing skiing on NBC so the FIFA day is cut in half also… even before the Olympics even start!


I cant stand this… I still am able to get on my xbox though so that is good

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5 minutes!!! Can we use this thread as a live race chat? change the title maybe and wed get some traffic!

double post!

It’s a bit depressing the media coverage motorsports receives these days. The broadcast started 2 minutes before the start command?? What’s up with that?

The broadcast began thirty minutes before the drop of the flag except one had to have FOX Sports 2 to see it. Many people don’t get that channel though so for all intents and purposes your claim is correct and I agree, the aired coverage is junk.

well the subject says all so I can get on during 9pm through 7am shift so start posting

also say who you think is going to win-- I may give an car to an random person who got the team right for GT

Here’s the timing link:


manteomax did you post my thing on here?

Vipers are picking up from where they left off in 2000, looking really strong in the early stage.

Different Live timings and scoring. This one like the ALMS style from last year.


And I’m in the dark. Comcast doesn’t offer FS2 for my area it seems, or any that I can find. The bus-stop is a huge problem area for cold tires it seems! Who was it that underbraked the Viper there only to get loose and spin? Muscle Milk?

Fox sports has 4 in car camera streaming live.