24 Hours of daytona

Red flag. Ferrari slowed after losing power in the infield, direct rear end impact by a DP at full power. Ferrari driver has been removed from the vehicle and is on the way to the infield care center. DP driver is being extricated. No info on his condition. Bad bad bad crash.

Here’s a short clip of the crash

I hope these guys are ok. I was a huge impact. My prayers are with them. On the good news, great race so far.

The BOP has been awful for the LMP2 cars.

Finally got the live broadcast at imsa working. Go Jordan Taylor!

Woke up and wayne taylor racing still leading? that rarely happens… and some how the #4 corvette made a comeback after overheating early on.

also an update on Memo Gidley driver of the #99 Gainsco red dragon, suffered a broken left arm, leg, and a fracture to his back. He has had 2 surgeries so far and is awaiting surgery on his back.

I hate Fox in Va we didn’t get the first 2 hours of the race due to the the acc basketball game that began at 3:30. Second of all I couldn’t even get a stream off the imsa site period I found in car camera stream from mazda on you tube nice but wish they were able to show different camera angles instead of just looking at the driver, the car sounds awesome though! This has been the worst 24 hours of Daytona I’ve ever seen from a broadcast experience in this high tech era. Fox broadcasting for nascar works because their races are shorter compared to endurance races, ABC/ESPN are the more favorable networks for sportscar racing its a proven case. ESPN 3 is perfect to stream these long endurance races they covered the 12 Hours of Sebring and Petit Lemans they can better support the streaming on their servers. IMSA needs to really sit down and reevaluate their tv package to ensure that all the fans can watch these races no matter where they live if they truly want to grow the fan base for this series.

Now with that out of the way I’m not surprised by the Daytona Prototype dominance, especially the Corvette DP’S, of this race due to this being their home event not to mention there is still a lot of work to be done with bop between the dp’s and p2 cars so hopefully next year this race will be more competitive in that class. GTLM from what ive seen just this morning not bad looks like Porsche will take it Team Corvette are experiencing some teething problems which is to be expected with a new car, Team RLL I really don’t think the Z4 bodystyle aerodynamically was the best choice for this class 2nd year now with it and still cannot keep up on the topspeed end for the the straights they should’ve just kept the M3 body it was way more competitive but they are currently 2nd as I type this so consistency and others mechanical issues or crashes has helped them. GTD anyone’s to win I’m hoping for another Audi victory here so I’m crossing my fingers, this class I feel is the most competitive it might very well be the best class after all for the series until the protypes are more evenly competive at all tracks. Now back to the race!

This is actually my first time watching one of these races and I got say, I am really enjoying it. I like the 24 hour format, just constant racing around the clock. I’ve even been watching while play Forza, couldn’t help it, just too much inspiration. I think sports car racing just gained a new fan, I’m already looking forward to the next race. I like the GTLM and GTD cars a lot better, they look like real cars, although, the Corvette DP isn’t took crazy looking.

Welcome to sportscar racing Chevelle81!

Green with six minutes to go.

Race just finished! It was a great race, very good battle at the end in the GTD class.

Yeah it was can’t believe they gave them a time penalty for avoidable contact when there wasn’t any from the various replay angles I hope level 5 appeals that

Ya know up until the last lap I was pulling for Flying Lizard in the Audi for the GTD win, then came the spirited battle that resulted in no contact through one of the fastest corners on the track. I would have done the same had I been driving the Level 5 Ferrari. You’re racing for the win in arguably the most prestigious race in America, there’s no backing down when that’s on the line. And despite pulling for Flying Lizard to win, I feel Level 5 got screwed. If nothing happens, at least they are leaving Daytona with the North America Endurance Championship points lead.

Now onto Wayne Taylor Racing in that Velocity Worldwide Corvette DP, I thought for sure after the caution that Max could catch that Action Express car. I think they lost the race on the restart. Going green way over at NASCAR turn 3 and not being able to pass until the flag waves… Yeah that screwed them being stuck behind the slower prototype muscle milk car until the flag waved. But in the end Max said he gave it his all and still had nothing for the #5 Action Express car. Great race all in all thoughts and prayers to those recovering from the horrific accident early on! Bring on Sebring!

Bummer none of it has been on Australian free to air TV like it had been for the last few years.
Nice Job Action Express Racing, do wish it was the other side of the team because of John Martin being in that car. Nice job by Wayne Taylor Racing to come home second, hopefully they come can go back to back for the championship.

Sucks for the Corvettes in GTLM, was hoping for the Corvettes or the BMWs to take out that class.
That finish in GTD is a load of crap though. I don’t like Like Level 5 but they got completely robbed on the last lap. That was just a mistake on the Flying Lizard drivers part and he won because of it.

Good to see Memo Gidley and Matteo Malucelli alive, that was a brutal hit.

Had Joey Hand not got put into the wall I think he would have passed the 911, he was coming fast!

It was an ok race what I saw, unfortunately I real issues keeping up to date with it all, the IMSA streaming during the night was really patchy with connection and often didn’t work.

I really didn’t like the DP dominance, I can’t help but feel the LMP cars will struggle to ever be on an even keel with the DP’s. I won’t be surprised come the end of the year they’ll all pull out, so in effect Grand Am destroys and eradicates all ALMS. The DP cars are old imo, and i may be out of line for saying this, but I think the age of the DP design contributed to the injuries Memo Gidley picked up.

I’m glad the season has started, but uneasy at the prospect of what’s to come. At least the GT classes were good to watch.

the DP corvettes are ugly I have to admit but they are fast

The DP’s were dominant because of the track layout. Lets get them to a more tight technical track like Laguna Seca and the ALMS prototypes will show their stuff.

Sebring and Long Beach should go in the P2’s favor most definitely