2015 Southern 500 @ Darlington Raceway - 9/6/15 (My POV)

What’s up y’all, well it’s that time again for the Southern 500 at the historic Darlington Raceway, but this time the race has it’s original Labor Day spot back after many years. So here are a few pics from my POV, as well as links to videos I’ve taken that i posted on my YouTube channel.

Fly over

A couple of Mustangs that took part in a ride-around the track

The other Mustang that took part as well

Pace lap

Racing under way

Pit stops

Then night falls

Links to videos (All 3 videos were taken by me)
Warm-up lap
Pace lap and Start
Night racing

Must have been fun. I’ve been to the Daytona 500, and was at the Tudor race this summer at VIR. One thing I like about sports car racing as compared to NASCAR is that you can walk around the track for different viewing areas (near died from the heat though). I’d love to go to a F1 race at COTA, but those are rich man ticket prices.

Haha, I have a picture like the one that shoots down the front straight like you have there. T4 is a great place to sit, the last time I went was probably 2012 when I still lived in SC.