2005 Subaru

What’s up with the 2005 Subaru in this game? I don’t know much about the model years of the Impreza from early 2000s, but I definitely don’t remember it looking the way that it does in the game. Isn’t that a later model? The 2004-05 model I remember had an entirely different face, with a different grill and different headlights. However, I have heard of these different face-describing names such as “croc-eyes” and “hawk-eyes”. Is that why it looks odd?

2005 was the first model year for the second facelift of the second generation Impreza which included the sharper headlights and grille-within-a-grille fascia, 2004 was the last year with the rounder headlights and single piece front grille.

I don’t think there was a facelift in 2004, at least for the regular Impreza.

However, as CarlsonsRaiders mentionned everything I were to tell, the only thing I have to add, is that the WRX, and the WRX STi, both have a sligthly different look next to the regular Impreza’s, namely headlights, rear lights, sideskirts, spoilers, and it is, also, possible you see rally lights in front (only in Forza) ; pretty much a more agressive look.

There was a renewal in 2008 as well as 2015, but the design was less <>, and more boring to look.